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"Why Won't the Landlord Take Visa?" : The Princeton Review's Crash Course to Life After Graduation

"Why Won't the Landlord Take Visa?" : The Princeton Review's Crash Course to Life After Graduation

List Price: $12.95
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: This girl knows what she is talking about!
Review: I read this book after I made a sudden decision that I needed to be out on my own after college. I had not made any plans, I didn't have a job or a apartment of my own, or really have clue how to be an adult living in the real world on my own. It was something I had to do, but I was kind of freaked out about and I didn't know where to start. Reading this book really helped me. I loved the ways she writes, she's funny, witty and her advice is relevant. It's not some cheesy help book with advice you'd never use, this girl knows what she is talking about. This book helped me to empower myself and look forward to the adventure ahead. I keep it with me wherever I go, and I have moved around a lot in the last year. With advice like this, it helped give me a heads up to what I had to look forward to.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Too little detail
Review: The book was pretty good overall. It offered a wide variety of information. Just like a survey course, however, she glosses over certain parts. For example, she talks about different types of insurance while mentioning, but not defining, a deductible. Other sections of the book seem scattered and unorganized.

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