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"My Trouble is My English" : Asian Students and the American Dream

"My Trouble is My English" : Asian Students and the American Dream

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Broadens the conversation about teaching and learning
Review: The first chapter of this book offers a dual lens of this Chinese
author struggling to comprehend how her American peers
read literature. For example, they want to discuss minor
themes or political issues instead of plot. Later, when the
author enrolls in a graduate school of education program,
her lens broadens more, as she observes another philosophy
of teaching which emphasizes students making their own meaning
based on experiences and feelings, rather than stressing the sexuality
of the characters in the book, or other seemingly irrelevant issues.

Fu's observations offer American readers much insight into some of the problems often found in schools. Her book should be read by teachers and advanced
students as a means to learn more about how American culture affects learners
who are not native, as well as ones who are.

My only criticism is that the subsequent chapters sometimes seemed redundant.
They focus on Fu's study of four ESL students from Laos, who are often marginalized
by their silence. This is an important book, one I predict will be widely read and discussed
in the education field.

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