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"Ace" Any Test

"Ace" Any Test

List Price: $8.99
Your Price: $8.99
Product Info Reviews

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: What Teachers should use for their students
Review: I found this book by pure chance and sent it to my Nephew who was failing misserably in the 11th grade. His biggest problem was anxiety to taking tests and getting organized. He has read this book twice and since then has passed every test this year with a breeze. He gave this book to a friend that has had the same problems, hopefully he too will turn it around.

I am so happy I found something so simple with so much common sense to give to my Nephew, and at so little cost. This book in my opinion is priceless and a must have tool for success.

Rick T Oregon

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Light and Sometimes Humorous
Review: Offers practical test taking tips and is a nice first read for college students. If you enjoyed this book, you'll surely like "Major in Success", by Patrick Combs. I teach at a University and this book changes lives.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Info-tainment!!!
Review: [We are a non-profit group just out to help avid readers like ourselves get the best for their buck. Book opinions tested on college level students.]

Advantages of this book are: It is small. Quick to read. Easy to follow. Print easy on eyes. On good quality starched paper. Inexpensive.

Nice pleasant reading. And because it's so cheap why not get one.

Unfortunately, Ace ANY Test didn't pass our test on profound usefulness so we gave it one thumb up because in our opinion: *It is not geared for levels above SAT - a fact not mentioned on the cover (how could one book ever cover grade school to PhD adequately in 96 pages?). *The content is flippant cliche, ie, reams of COMMON sense OBVIOUS pointers but where's the nitty gritty stuff that shows a real in-depth knowledge of what students go through.

So in summary... Ron, we think we liked you better with our burgers and french fries :)

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