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"Tell Them I Love Them"

"Tell Them I Love Them"

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: We are loved!
Review: I am a frequent reader of Joyce Meyer's books and I find, Tell Them I Love Them, a wonderful book to give to someone who is not a Christian. It is a very good tool to explain the unconditional love of God and how His Son, Jesus Christ, represents that love. It is a very easy reading book and it clearly addresses may of the issues that a new believer needs to understand.

I also firmly recommend this book to anyone who is having a difficult time accepting God's love. In this book, Joyce guides you through the Scriptures that express how deeply we are loved by God, and she teaches you how to receive His abundant love. I have given this book to countless people and it has dramatically changed their lives.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Tell Them I Love Them
Review: I have read this book for the second time. What a profound notion to know that God loves us without reason and without cause. I would love to purchase this for every person struggling to know God. Since I can't let me say this, God does love you and this book will touch parts of your heart that will tell you without a doubt. God is love, and HE LOVES YOU!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Enlightening book for those who are in doubt!!
Review: This book is wonderful! I have been a Christian for many years, but always doubted God's love for me. I always thought He couldn't be bothered...I've screwed up too many times. Therefore, I've never been able to grow much as a Christian. Well, this book was a real eye opener!! It really opened my eyes to just how much God loves me! I'm such a big fan of Joyce and she never ceases to amaze me w/her spiritual guidance!

If you're a new Christian or a struggling Christian, or just need to know how much God loves you, this book is for you!!!

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