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 Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms

Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Very Thought Provoking
Review: After ordering and reading ALL of Linda's books, I have to say that anyone who reads, and really READS, and discounts all of the accounts of other realities happening all around us, has their head in the sand.

I find her books informative, very scientifically researched, and well written.

Like Linda, I had my 'grounding' in physical sciences, UNTIL my eyes were opened. It seems that now, I tend to read all I can get my hands on, about things NOT neven mentioned on the 'news'. I have tossed out newspaper and television news, because of their narrow point of view, and perhaps, control by God only knows who.

I recommend any or ALL of her work , as being at the very least VERY thought provoking !

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: A strangely beautiful book
Review: Howe portrays the phenomena ofanimal mutilation within the contextof alien visitations. She has produced one of the strangest, moststriking and visually lovely booksin the ufo genre.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Essential reading for Human Beings...
Review: I am done with volume 1 and volume 2; now about 1/3 through volume 3 of Linda Moulton Howe's encyclopedic alien tomes. I have to say at this point, not only does a HUGE amount of it parallel in "anecdotal" and documentary evidence (as well as SOME "hard" evidence) what the Cassiopaean's have been saying, but what the C's have been telling about "inside info" and "motives" and so forth provides a HUGE key to understanding the confusing elements that Linda MH has collected and made no real attempts to sort and explain, admitting that it is almost impossible considering the proven abilities of the beings to completely screen and manipulate our thinking processes.

But, we can't just take the words of ANY of these beings at face value, not even the C's. Somehow, there has to be a way to the center of the maze and back out again.

Yes, what the Cassiopaean's say DOES tend to be confirmed by this amazing and thorough research... yes, it does SEEM to make sense of it ... BUT, could it be more of the "mind manipulation" ? And, if so, is it due to just simple "overlay" of mental controls, or actual "time travel" to "set things up" so that the information SEEMS to be confirmed????

And, on the other hand, if it is due to time travel manipulations of history and so forth, then the picture is still somewhat bleak - only we have a couple of things that may be in our favor... the STS tendency to take the path of least resistance and "laziness," and the "wishful thinking."

Now, if any of you decide to get these books, let me warn you that they are FULL of photographs that are pretty grim and disturbing. They are also full of photos of actual military documents released through the FOIA and others that were obtained by other less standard means. There are complete transcripts of interviews and a few "hypnosis sessions," and so forth.

Colin Wilson wrote the forward, in which he says: "I have never read a book that excited such a powerful series of reactions in me. Again and again, I found myself thinking: 'If this is true, then we are all asleep. Something tremendous is going on, something that is going to affect every human being on this planet sooner or later, and we still go on living as if we were in the comfortable security of the Victorian age.'

"The question that keeps returning to me is: Why, if all of this is true - or only half true - can so many people ignore it? Why have skeptics such as writere Philip Klass and the late astronomer Carl Sagan asserted that UFO's are some kind of hysterical delusion?

"The answer to that question, I have concluded, is that we all need a sense of security, the feeling that we can get on with our lives without too much anxiety. So, we tend to ignore things that do not immediately affect us.

"If you take these cases individually, each one can be subjected to skeptical analysis and, if not dismissed, at least reduced to a minus on the credibility scale. [...] But once the total picture is grasped, it is overwhelming. Nitpicking criticism leaves it unaffected. And that total picture tells us that something very strange is going on, and very important. [...] "There are certain things that I find very hard to accept. For example, the notion that the aliens can travel backwards in time. It has always seemed to me that time travel is an impossibility. It would involve obvious paradoxes... "Like Linda Moulton Howe, Jacques Vallee and John Keel and everyone else who has studied the UFO phenomenon, I find myself trying to formulate a general theory that encompasses a mass of utterly confusing and contradictory information. [...]

"When I try to look at the whole phenomenon, I come back to my most basic intuition which has been at the heart of all my work since 'The Outsider' in 1956: that there is something oddly wrong with human consciousness. Although we have evolved further than any other animal on the face of the earth, it is at the cost of an absurd narrowness which means that we look at reality throught the long end of a telescope, failing to see the wood or even leaves because we can only focus on individual trees. Our evolution in the past twenty-five thousand years has been incredible, yet it has been largely wasted in the sense that we take it for granted and go plodding on dully. We see the world from a worm's eye view, when we urgently need a bird's eye view.

"Studying the UFO phenomenon, particularly as it is expressed in Linda's books, has made me clearly aware of one thing that I had formerly grasped only vaguely: that, far from being the most intelligent species in the universe, human beings are not really so far ahead of the cows who graze in our meadows. [...] Our greatest need at this point in our evolution is to change our intellectual viewpoint - to recognize that we are not alone in the universe and that we ought to be making far more vigorous use of the intelligence we DO possess. Our narrowness hypnotizes us into passivity. [...] "The UFO phenomenon is gradually forcing us to accept that there ARE other realities and dimensions, and that we cannot continue living like cows ruminating in a field. ... what is now happening is demanding out attention with a persistence that cannot be ignored and will become more persistent until it gets our full attention.

"For anyone who has so far managed to sleep through the increasing furor about UFOs, I cannot recommend a better alarm clock that Linda Moulton Howe's book."

And, I have to say "amen!" to that!

It's easy to fluff off the Cassioipaean's because, after all, it IS channeled and highly suspect. But, you can't go through page after page of photographs that have not been published in other media, to SEE the evidence, to see the documents, to hear the stories directly (in print)... and NOT realize that something is going on here that we really need to get a handle on.

But it takes work and committment... not a job for crybabies, either. There is NO FREE LUNCH in the universe... no "salvation" without WORK! And, in the case of what is ahead for us, or even all around us and ever present, either one wakes up and works, or they ARE LUNCH!

No kidding!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: A Disturbing Look At A Grim and Baffing Topic
Review: Linda Moulton Howe has courageously persisted in a topic that has been ignored by the mainstream press. Her personal interviews, documentation, photographs, and personal experiences all qualify her as one of the premier UFO investigators in the world. Like her co-author, Jaques Vallee, she is a visonary in a field dominated by crackpots and willfully ignorant skeptics.

Read this book and you'll never feel quite the same driving in the American West by night. If even one percent of her allegations are true (and her witnesses in the main seem pretty reliable) we have something very troubling happening right beneath our noses.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Mute evidence
Review: Linda Moulton Howe was SW America-area reporter when the cattle-mutilation craze hit. Occurring over the period of 10 years beginning with the end of the war in Vietnam and petering out by Reagan's 2nd term, the cattle-mutilation epidemic filled the news media with reports of mysteriously killed and mutilated cattle. Not only was the prairies dotted with dead cows, but certain parts had been removed with allegedly artificial preceision, while the blood was either gone or mysteriously diluted. Who (or what) was behind the killing/mutilations, and just why they were dotting the SW with cut-up carcasses (and whether these deaths and the mutilations themselves weren't really the work of normal predators whose handiwork was distorted by mass media and mass hysteria) are just a the basic mysteries underlying the craze. The three prime suspects for the epidemic (again, assuming that there was an epidemic to be caused) were the government (your friendly military-industrial complex, working day and night on cutting-edge bio-warfare technology; today we'd say it was corporate-level conspiracy), satanists (they're devious and dark, but can't afford their own cattle) and aliens (they've come 10 billion light years to experiment on us, but always forget to clean up their trash!). Linda Moulton Howe falls into that group that's chosen the latter. Now I'm not going to try and debunk the idea of intelligent extra-terrestrial life visiting Earth, or even joke about how oxymoronic it is for intelligent life to visit Earth, but I can never get past the cheat that underlies any ties between UFO theory and just about anything else here on Earth - it's a cheat because it's too easy! Since aliens are, by definition, unknown to us, they're vague, amorphous, and can suit any theory. (They're experimenting on cows to prepare bio-waepons against us; they're preparing new technology to help us; they're conspiring with the government; they work in secret to avoid the government.) UFO's are easy culprits once the process of elimination has removed any plausible motive or opportunity that links the offense to humans. UFO's may sell more papers, but most of those are tabloids; if somebody could tie the phenomenon to a big corporate perp like Dow, and especially in these post-ENRon days, that would totally beat anything the UFO-conspiracy theorists could think up. The usual explanations seem a tad to convenient: cows are being experimented on because their physiologies are so close to our own - but the same could be said for rodents and other small animals used in testing everything from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to bio-warfare. Also, there's no explanation for why the animals are left out in the open by these advanced aliens. That's not only sloppy but - should the aliens decide to remove other animals form the same herd - a guarantee that the newer harvested cows could be contaminated by exposure to cows already experimented on.

There's nothing particularly wrong "Alien Harvest" that isn't wrong with similar work - it's compelling, but again relies on that same willingness to summarily accept theories that aren't solidly established and then jump to aliens as the only reasonable cause. The story conspicuously lacks objectivity, with the authors having little question of their beliefs. Instead of "Harvest", I'd recommend "Mute Evidence" by Kagan & Summer, a comprehensive survey and investigation of both the mutilation craze and the sub-culture it spawned. "Evidence" actually details Moulton Howe's ascension to the UFO community, and manages to avoid the expected condescension when detailing why it remains on the fringe.

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