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A Certain Smile

A Certain Smile

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Though Miranda Graham is a savvy, successful fashion designer, she's never set foot outside the U.S. As a widow and a mom, she has cleaved to the familiarity of her Boulder, Colorado, home. So when business sends her to China, Miranda reels from profound culture shock. Luckily, kind Yuan Li takes the frightened visitor under his wing and offers to be her tour guide.

As Miranda adapts to chopsticks and crowded streets, she finds Li has appealing qualities beyond his perfect English and natural hospitality. A Renaissance man as well as a businessman, Li opens Miranda's heart to the countless treasures of China. With newfound courage, Miranda finds herself falling into deep, passionate love with this man whom she hardly knows. The looming deadline for her return and the threatening disapproval of a fading communist state force these lovers to make the most of their glorious time together.

Bestselling author Judith Michael has situated this familiar midlife coming of age tale in a truly unique location. Colorful descriptions of Chinese culture and atmosphere will certainly infect some readers with the travel bug. But while Miranda's character is well-developed and likable, Li's borders on stereotypical, and at times the threats to their relationship seem artificial. However, in the context of a "perfect love, imperfect world" story, these faults are entirely forgivable, and the overall story line is very entertaining.--Nancy R.E. O'Brien

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