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3D-ALBUM V2.03BY Micro Research II

3D-ALBUM V2.03BY Micro Research II

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3D-Album allows you to take photos from a digital camera, scanner, or the Internet and combine them with music files, voiceover, and text. You can then add them to over 70 animated 3-D presentation styles. 3D-Album comes with 23 presentation styles, and 50 more can be downloaded for free. You can display your photos in spinning puzzle cubes, on flipping graduation hats, or even on an artist's easel.

Click on the "Organize" button to select your photo folder. You'll see thumbnails that you can arrange in the order you want. Click on the musical-note icon to add a folder containing one or more music files. Choose your presentation style. Click on the "Build" button and select one of the options. You can build a standalone application to be copied to a CD, an application to be e-mailed, or an application to be linked to your Web site.

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