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DAVE 2.5

DAVE 2.5

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If you want your Mac to communicate with a PC-based network at home or in the office, you can go through the trouble of configuring the Windows network to support you--or simply invite Thursby's Dave into your life. A few simple questions during setup are all it takes to get you connected. After installation, you'll enjoy the same level of access to Windows machines and Postscript printers on your local area network that PC users do. A browser window lets you examine networked volumes without having to mount them, and a double click will then log you into the folder you want to use on your Mac. You can also return the favor by setting up a shared folder on your Mac that Windows users can access, using either user-level (if Windows NT is part your network) or share-level security.

In the interests of being a good neighbor in the network neighborhood, Dave will attach the file extensions Windows needs to identify file types when the document is copied across. Similarly, Dave will replace any characters in file names that are problematic on Windows 95 or 98 systems, and shorten file names that go beyond the Mac's 32-character limit. With support for Mac OS 9's multiple-user functionality, Windows 2000 domains, and a contextual menu plug-in that triggers sharing directly from the Finder, Dave is one of the best friends a Mac user on a Windows network can have. --Jack Gardiner

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