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Bullguard Antivirus Firewall Wme Xp Bullguard

Bullguard Antivirus Firewall Wme Xp Bullguard

List Price: $39.99
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great Antivirus and Firewall
Review: BullGuard is a very good antivirus, it found and cleaned my computer from two viruses, and I didn't know I even had virus on my computer! Another plus is that the program also has a firewall, so you don't need to spend money and buy two programs (antivirus and firewall) When I needed support they responded immediately - and they are very friendly! (I think that's the advantage of them being a small company.) They also have a nice forum at: http://www.bullguard.net

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: BullGuard works well with no slow down
Review: BullGuard works on HP x4000 server with NO slow down. I had no virus trouble for five years. Only when I disabled BullGuard and forgot to enable it again did I get a virus---no fault of Bullguard. It does protect your workstation.

I recommend you go to BullGuard's site and try the trial version. (www.bullguard.com) Try it first. That way you lose nothing. If you are convinced their product is what you need; then, check Amazon's prices with BullGuard's prices. Please note that the Bullguard software will ask many questions if you do not select the firewall settings first. Perhaps many people would be spared aggrevation if they knew how to select its firewall settings to tell it "up-front" what you want it to do. If you do not know how to do this read FAQ on support Tab pull-down or contact them by a "live chat," or send Bullguard an e-mail. All three are located on the "Support" Tab up-down: their customer service is excellent. I think you will find it a great product.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Outstanding
Review: I have been using BG for 3 months now and all I can say is this: the antivirus is very good, in some cases it even solved viruses that Norton didn't, the firewall, properly configured is a shield that is beyond breaching ( someone tryed to to scan my ports once...tough..I banned them out of existance :-D , and the backup...well after I had to format my drive I have to say that it Rocks, I was able to get back all my pictures and music!
To conclude, the only path I will walk on is the BullDog path...it is the safest!!!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Excellent value and protection
Review: I have been using bullguard as a firewall and antivirus agent for 1.5 years. So far it has performed admirably. It has knocked out 5 viruses to date. I love its interface anyprogram attempting to connect to the internet is prevented until you ok it. So bullguard learns from you the user which programs are allowed to access the internet and which ones can't. It did slow down my computer initially but after talking with customer support and adjusting my memory management settings, my speed came back almost immediately. Excellent value for money.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: It is great!
Review: I really like it! I had Norton before but i was not satisfied!
BullGuard is cool! Other antiviruses that I used did not spot adware and spyware, but bullguard does! This bulldog does its job!

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Don't go near Bullguard
Review: This software slows PCs by taking over all the memory to the point that these are unusable. After trying several ill-fated attempts, this WOULD NOT uninstall through the control panel or its uninstall program! The ONLY way to remove this is by manually editing the registry.
1. Start-run-(type "regedit")--ok
3. Then keep opening "BullGuard" folders till you get a right click "delete" option. Use it on all (and only) Bullguard folders
4. Start-my computer-local disk C-BullGuard (folder)
5. Open this folder and any folders it contains and one by one delete every file (some will remain) within it/them
6. Start-control panel-add/remove programs-BullGuard- remove (will get rid of remaining C drive files)
7. Delete all BullGuard icons on desktop
8. Empty recycle bin
9. Restart
These people should go to jail and have something nasty done to them.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Stay Away from BullGuard
Review: This software will minimize the speed of your machine almost to the point where you cannot use it. I don't care what anyone else says...It is NO good.

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