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Certificate Authority 6.5

Certificate Authority 6.5

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Shiva Certificate Authority provides organizations with the highest level of easy-to-implement security, even across public networks like the Internet. Shiva Certificate Authority enables you to execute and enforce rigorous X.509 role-based security measures, authenticating and authorizing remote telecommuters, branch offices, and business partners well before they access your corporate resources. Used in conjunction with the LanRover VPN Gateway and the Shiva VPN Client, Shiva Certificate Authority authenticates users and devices over encrypted tunnels through the Internet, intranets, and extranets for a universally protected communications workspace.

Imagine owning a key that is impossible to duplicate, a lock that changes itself regularly and automatically without requiring user intervention, a password that is resistant to dictionary attacks, and a passkey that no one else can use. This is the automatic security provided by an X.509 digital certificate. The Shiva Certificate Authority positively confirms all user identities using unique X.509 digital certificates, which are virtually impossible to forge. Shiva Certificate Authority issues to each user or network device a digital certificate that contains information about the user's or device's identity, including a name, location, and validity time stamp. Upon connection, each end of the encrypted tunnel verifies the legitimacy of the other's identity based on the information stored in the digital certificate. These two processes authenticate and authorize the data connection before initiating communications.

This technology surpasses the protection offered by password schemes and eliminates reliance on a central database.

After a simple setup process, Shiva Certificate Authority automatically generates, distributes, revokes, expires, and renews digital certificates to minimize day-to-day management while maintaining superior security. When a certificate is revoked or expires, Shiva Certificate Authority automatically notifies all devices in the VPN network of the change; the LanRover VPN Gateway then terminates communications with the holder of any invalidated certificate. Shiva Certificate Authority integrates seamlessly with Shiva's entire VPN solution.

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