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Mac OS 9.1

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Mac OS 9.1 is packed with over 50 new features, including Sherlock 2. Your personal shopper on the Internet, Sherlock 2 not only finds the products you're looking for, it's also an easy way to find people, news, and just about everything else on the Internet. OS 9.1 allows you to share your Mac without hassle or worry, securely storing each individual user's preferences and files for privacy and convenience. It also analyzes your voice and stores your voiceprint. Then when you talk, your Macintosh listens, and lets you log on and access your files. The personal Keychain securely stores all of your user IDs and passwords. Your voice--or one typed password--unlocks them all.

Mac OS 9.1 will automatically download software updates over the Internet, and even install them for you. You can also send files across the Internet with industrial-strength encryption. Apple's easy-to-use file sharing now works the same way over the Internet, so you can share files, folders, and data with anyone. And now AppleScript over TCP/IP lets you remotely control your Mac (or a whole battery of Macs) from wherever you happen to be. The network browser feature lets you find Internet file servers, FTP servers, and Web servers almost as easily as you find printers on your network.

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