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Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Expansion Pack

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Expansion Pack

List Price: $9.99
Your Price: $9.99
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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Just adding to the fun!
Review: Secret Weapons is the second expansion pack in this popular series. I believe this one is better than "The Road To Rome". You have more new maps, more weapons and more vehicles. There are 8 or 9 new maps you can play on instant battle or on-line, though it seems 2 or 3 of the new maps are quite laggy when your not playing on-line. But the new maps are very cool are harder to beat than the original maps. and some of these maps have an awesome feel to them. A couple of maps take place at night, and when you are coming up on the battle from a distance and see mortar shells lighting up the night sky and here the Stealth Bomber but can't see it until it passes by a moon lit cloud, it is absolutely awesome.There are only a of things I don't like. One, you can hardly ever find these new maps in an on-line game. Two, some of the new vehicles (like one of the new allie tanks), you drive and have turret to fire from, but the other guy rides in the top of the tank gets unleash a barrage of missiles and only he gets the credit for it. Three, I still don't like when your reinforcement ticket counts down because you don't have half of the flags covered. I can see it counting down if you own all except the main flag, but not for half. Other than that, this game offers more to this fun game. And with the release of new patches (it has become easier to download them finally), they give you new maps. The most recent new map, Attack of The Phillipines, is very cool. There are at least 4 new maps I have seen, so hopefuly they keep releasing new ones (though you can only play these on-line), So buy this and enjoy.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: EA is hot with this series.
Review: If you find yourself worrying about the fact the game has been out only a year, and there are already two expansions, just cancel that. And I'll tell you why:

First off, secret weapons of WWII although an expansion, feels at times like I whole new game. It brings things to the multiplayer mega-seller that were missing from the previous two releases, the game feels more complete with this add-on. (as opposed to the last expansion, Road to Rome, which left me wondering why I bought it.) Secret weapons brings not only a slew of new and cool weapons like, jetpacks, AA tanks, shotguns, Motercycles, and others, but also new gameplay modes. There are now objectives to certain maps, which makes the battles seem more meaningfull.

I personally enjoy this game simply for the shotguns, jets, and aa tanks, but everyone has their personal favorite addition to the battlefield world. If your looking for improved graphics, no luck there, its just an expansion, but if your getting bored with the old maps, and weapons this game is for you.

More in depth maps.
More weapons including: 2 different kinds of jets, a cargo plane that is a spawn point, a tank with a naval gun attached to it, an aa tank, motercycle with a gun turret on the passanger carriage, shotguns, and more.
Objective based maps. (sweet)

Not enough additions, I thought there might be more.
Too many glitches left untouched
Maps sometimes too small for the fast moving jet planes, making it hard to concentrate on firing, and watching the map limits at first.

Personally, Id say this game is worth your money.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Not so much...
Review: EA recently dropped the price of this expansion, but I don't feel it's worth the $20 price tag. It's not even worth half that amount.
There is no expansion to the one-player campaign mode, there are only added maps containing the new vehicles, weapons, etc. The new technology is not even playable on the original BF 1942 maps. And here's the thing about the new maps: they're lame. If you check on available game servers, you'll see mostly original BF 1942 and Desert Combat maps. Secret Weapons maps are rare. This is because, as already stated, the maps are lame. Yes, the new technology is cool at first, but what's the point when they are only there for multiplayer and there are no players using this game.
I'd say pass on this expansion, there's nothing worth buying here.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: It just keeps getting better!
Review: New vehicles (including motorcycles with sidecars!), new aircraft, guided missiles, jetpacks, amphibious assault craft, awesome new maps, and on and on! BF 1942 just got better...again! The Road to Rome was a great addition to an already fabulous game. Secret Weapons doesn't disappoint either. If you love BF 1942, you MUST have this new expansion. It was already the greatest online action game to be released since Counter Strike, and expansions such as this one keep cementing it as one of the greatest games of all time. I've spent the last 3 days playing all the new maps, and with all the new weapons, and it was worth every penny. Don't be discouraged by the price tag. While it may be more expensive than other expansion packs, it's better to pay ten bucks more for the high quality we continue to enjoy with this series. If there were six stars available, this would surely get it. Highly recommended!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Good game, but there are some drawbacks!
Review: This Battlefield 1942 expansion pack is a very good one. The weapons are better, quite a few more vehicles, the enemy is more challenging, and several other new things are great. The drawbacks of this game are some of the following:

1. As one user stated, some maps are too small for fast moving aircraft.

2. The game alot of times runs slow, even on a good system.

3. There are only 8 new levels. Four or five of them aren't that cool.

4. The super heavy tank with the AA gun is too slow.

5. The intro shows the tank with the missles shooting them at very fast speeds. The actual shooting speed in the real game is about 1/4 as fast as it shows them traveling in the intro.

Overall though, this a very fun game. The jetpack lets you jump onto tall buildings, and shoot down on people. I love it! For $20.00, this is a very fun and great game. Just make sure you have a good system when you buy it. The best levels buy the way are Hellendoorn and The Gothic Line. The worst level is Kbely Airfield, and it is terribly boring.

By the way, did you notice the new blood effects when you are shot or when you are shooting the enemy soldiers. Check it out!

Rating: 5 stars
Review: This is a GREAT game. I mean, who wouldn't love flying high above a tank on a rocket pack and chucking grenades at tanks and soldiers below. IF YOU HAVE BATTLEFIELD 1942, SECRET WEAPONS OF WWII and DESERT COMBAT are must haves. go to http://www.desertcombat.com to get desert combat. its based on the gulf War.


New planes
new weapons
great levels

causes game to run a little slower
you have to search for jetpack
a few glitches

bottom Line-

BUY IT. the pros outweight the cons, and the jetpack is the shiznit. my friends and i spent 5 hours at a Net cafe from midnight to 5 am playing this game. WE all then went out and bought it.


Rating: 3 stars
Summary: I'd like to give it a little more, 3.5 stars
Review: Ok, I got this game for christmas, and i am not a big fan of FPS games, but i am very happy and impressed with the game and its play. I'll list the good points first:
1: Lots of different ways of playing. I.e. Tanks, PLanes, Artillery, battleship, infantry, etc.
2: Lots of different ways to change the difficulty level, tailoring it to your strengths and weaknesses to change how challanging it is.
3: Fun to play and just enjoy the simplicity of it.
4: multiplayer capabilities allow for lots of fun and enjoyment for neverending scenarios.
5: not bad for the money.
Ok, now for the cons:
1: a massive slothful, gargantuan program that has, i am sure, shortened the life of my poor hard drive considerably. The reason being, the program sucks up memory like crazy, and causes real problems with the amount of information the poor computer has to process. Many users have complained about it in gross detail about how slow it makes their computer, and i cant help but think that they probably could have made it a more efficient program, however, one does have to consider the tasks that the program has to perform, namely: the physics for a flight simulator for a myriad of different planes, each with their own unique trim, attitude, and speed characteristics, tanks and artillery all with their own physics laws, eveyr weapon has a different sound, zoom range, reload method, etc, also various ships, including carriers, battleships, and more, and each one fo these has certain physics attatched and i gotta admit, they did a very good jopb with all of thiks in terms of getting it as realistic as possible. But, that does suck up a lot of memory and processor. also, the computer has to deal with the AI for up to 60 odd some characters all at the same time, and some of them are also flying, driving, shooting, etc.
2: I cant help but think that EA wanted to get this out at a certain time, as it is quite a buggy program. I didnt have very many major issues myself, but i do know that i am well above the minimum system and recommended requirements and yet, it still runs slow and choppy, and i had a very difficult time with some maps keeping the framerate smooth. I have heard of problems with a manually set refresh rate on monitors, but mine has been manually reset and i have had no issues. i had to download a ptach that was 143 MB, and i see on EA's site that the next one is much bigger (above 200 MB if i'm not mistaken), not too bad for me, i have a cable line and it only took me about 20 mins to download, but if you have a slower connection you're gonna be a while, pack a lunch. also, i had to scale down some video and sound settings to get it to run smooth.
3: In continuing my theme of a fast production date, the manual just downright sux. it has no help whatsoever for technical issues, and gives you no information than basically what button does what and what some features of the game are. There is NOTHING telling you about basic gameplay, or how the spawning delay works, or even why its there(i still dont know)and nothing that explains how to perform certain tasks. Also, they would have done well to have had tutorials to allow you to get used to the basic operation of many of the vehicles. there is nothing that tells you how to control a ship, or what to do to get your team to help you. nothing explains really how the radio controls work, and no legend of what button is what.
4: Multiplayer can be summed uop in one word. horrific. This could have been designd and executed a lot better. my brother and i spent hours trying to create our own game, to no avail, and the manual is useless in telling you anything otehr than "click here, there, put in a name, and you're done". No support on the website either, telling you what to do. or if there is, neither my brother or myself could find it. it's diffivult to co-ordinate efforts team wise, and to push forward sometimes becasue it's hard and time consuming in a fast paced arena like this to type and not get killed.
5: infantry play is quite simplistic. I can understand somewhat, it' a very complex game, and maybe sacrifices had to be made somewhere, but you should at least be able to control how far you throw a grenade, but nope, it's point, shoot, let go. and hope it lands where you want it to. Though i am told jumping at the point of release helps go further. also, there's no running at all. Your guy walks semi fast, but there's no button to hit to get hime to make a dash for it if you need him to, making him a great target for snipers and guys who are good enough to shoot ahead of the point to nail you with bazookas. There are some cplaints of having to lead your target in distances, but i believe that was buil;t into the game as iun real life to shoot a moving target, especially a fast one, you do have to lead it. I have heard of audio complaints, but i have none, when it is at 44 Hz quality level, and the sounds is very realistic and very authentic if you were actually there, i doubt there's be much difference.
i could go into farther detail, but suffice it to say, i like the game, it's fun to play, but difficult due to its size, and it's inability to use system resources wisely. i pity anyone that tries to play the game with less than 1.5 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, a 32 MB video card, and one amazing sound card. also, if you have less than DSL, forget multiplayer, there's just too much information to be transferred to really play it well. thats my 2 cents worth, if you buy it, enjoy it, but dont expect eveything to operate smoothly, but it is a very realistic, authentic, and reality based combat game, that really was well thought out, and many parts evry well executed, but also very unfinished and untested.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: good game, but laggy
Review: My computer meets AND exceeds the system requirements for the game, yet, it is laggy. I play on fast servers (GameSpy Arena) and yet, it's slow. I exit almost every other application running before I run the game, and it lags.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The Best Delux Edition on Earth
Review: I recived this game for Christmas and since then I have played it a TON!The graphics are great and the storyline is real.The one bad thing is the AI sucks. Overall it's great.10 out of 10.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: This is my favorite First Person Shooter!
Review: My name is Christian Hunter, and I'm a complete gaming physco. I've played every popular first person shooter since Doom and Rise of the Triad (I spent collectively 2 years of my life playing Quake 2). Yes I'm sick, but you can probably trust my opinion on gaming...This one has been my favorite FPS for the past year.

There are 2 very important reasons you should buy this game:

1. It's an exceptional WWII FPS

Jaw dropping graphics (that don't crush the average players system), the ability to be infantry of various unique types, then jump in any one of numerous vehicles, then jump into any number of different aircraft. Totally flexible, insanely fun, very popular too (good for multiplayer gaming).

2. It's an even better modern-day-warfare FPS!

What you say! Yep, Battlefield 1942 has the most popular "mod" (game modification, meaning the game has been redesigned around a new theme, etc..) of 2003; Desert Combat. Desert Combat uses the same fantastic engine as 1942 but is set in modern time. Helicopter Gunships, SCUD missile launchers, A-10 Tank Killers dropping naughty explosive goodness!!!! Why am I writing this review, I should be playing!

Ok, once you own the game, you can go to www.desertcombat.com to download the free mod for it.

Hope this review was helpful.


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