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BANG! Gunship Elite

BANG! Gunship Elite

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Rating: 2 stars
Summary: it is okay
Review: Just got a new computer with a sweet graphics card and was excited to get some games. Bang! Gunship Elite said it requires 3D hardware acceleration so I thought I'd give it a shot and bought it after some debate. I was very disappointed. The graphics are fairly good, but I couldn't even beat the first mission as my weapons simply bounced off the hull of the enemy ship. The manual lends little help. You can skip this one.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: The Best Fighter Game Ever?? Uh-No!
Review: Freespace 2, XWing Alliance and Independence War 1 + 2 are GREAT Space Combat Simulations, "Bang!" (an apt name for this game) is nowhere near great. Basically, you fly around (2 speeds: fast or slow) and point and shoot, that's it. No picking your weapons loadouts or ship, no systems management, no complex manoevers, no coordinated attacks with wingmen (what wingmen?). After completing each level, you get a bigger gun strapped to your fighter and tougher enemies to fight. It was kind of like playing a more advanced version of "Galaga".
The missions ranged in difficulty from "Easy" to "Pointlessly Hard", you usually wound up facing entire battle fleets alone with a moderate amount of firepower. I cheated and played the whole thing through to the end in one sitting (a very short game). The last mission is ridiculously short, maybe 3 minutes.
However, I must point out the fact that the graphics are nice and it was fun to play Bang!, for a while. Some of the guns that you get to use are interesting. If you can find this game for [a low price] then go ahead and buy it, just don't expect much.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Best Fighter Game Ever
Review: From all of the fighter pilot games I've played, this one is by far the best. There's an awesome selection of weapons to choose from, and the game goes on forever. There is also a multiplayer option where you can play against real people, which is really fun. I recommend that everyone should buy it, it's worth it.

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