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Best Seller Series: Diablo

Best Seller Series: Diablo

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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: The beginning of the Diablo story
Review: Heavily emphasizing action at the expense of story depth, the original Diablo set the standard for Action Role-Playing games for years to come and countless clones followed in its wake. Some of those clones, and especially the sequel, Diablo II, subsequently made great advances in this style of gaming, not to mention the usual advances in graphics. Games don't age well, especially genre-defining games, so the original Diablo is now unfortunately obsolete.

If you want a good Action Role-Playing game, try Diablo II (with the Lord of Destruction expansion), or Beyond Divinity, or perhaps Sacred. There are plenty to choose from with newer graphics, more role-playing complexity, and/or more new, cool features.

If you're the kind of purist who wants to play the whole Diablo story from the beginning, it's cheaper to buy the Diablo Battle Chest, which includes this, along with the sequel, the sequel's expansion, and a hint book.

The only reasons I can think of to buy this are
1) to complete a collection,
2) to play the story from the beginning (not that there's much story anyway) when you already have Diablo II, or
3) you want a cheap, simple Action RPG with very little character complexity and just a hint of storyline, and you don't mind outdated graphics.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Blizzard had their golden age starting from WarCraft II
Review: I feel that I'm one of the very few lucky Kuwaiti citizens because I was in college in the states during the "Blizzard Golden Age". I rarely bought a game that didn't carry the "Blizzard" logo after (Diablo).

A game like (Diablo) (WarCraft II) usually start a revolution of many other games trying to copy the same idea with a different look. No one was even close to Blizzard especially when it came to storyline.

Play Diablo, the 1997 title (which I still play once in a while even 7 years later) Play it and get that creepy feeling when you stand in a demoned world under the church. After you beat the game, I advise you to watch all the Diablo II trailers. then play Diablo II, My best game ever of all time. I played this game for 13 months everyday and never got sick of it.

those guys have taken the story beyond your imagination. you can never expect what's going to happen. not only that, you always feel that you are missing something from the story, as if there were gaps in it. But if you read the booklet that comes with the game, you will go mad !!

Unbelievable action and storyline. It was like playing a movie with a real twisted storyline while wandering in a world out of the ordinary.

Magical, Amazing, never before or after, Excellent job Blizzard.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: This is shareware
Review: This is shareware version of Diablo. You can play only up to 2nd level.
Buy full version if you want to fully enjou this game.

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