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Deduction Pro

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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Horrible Interface
Review: Don't even bother...Even an excel spreadsheet is easier than this. There is no way to enter multiple different items that were given on the same date. You have to type the date for each item individually (not even a copy/paste function). When looking up the value of an item you have to go through multiple menu's that aren't arranged well. Very clunky and disappointing.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Software of Very Limited Value
Review: I bought DeductionPro because I'd donated a lot of old clothing, furniture and books to charity last year, and I wanted some assistance organizing and valuing those contributions for my tax preparation. DeductionPro allowed me to enter all of this information, provided a table for estimating their value, and prepared the required IRS form for claiming those deductions since they were valued at over $500.

Beyond that, there's not much to this software. Its user interface is not very slick. There fields have limited space to enter information, the error messages are not helpful, there are no good instructions, and it's overall look and feel is pretty amateurish. I wasn't very impressed. However, since it comes free with TaxCut, it was clearly worth the money I (didn't) pay.

There's nothing here that you can't get by simply using tax preparation software. The only real value add is the valuation tables, and they are pretty limited. You can also use it to record cash donations, out of pocket expenses and other kinds of deductions. However, unlike TaxCut, there's limited advise available for doing so, and no obvious benefit to using this software for those things.

On the whole, using DeductionPro benefited me, but it's nothing to write home about. If you don't need the merchandise valuation tables for non-cash donations, I wouldn't spend the time or money to use this software. Your tax prep software will do it all just as well. If you do need help valuing your donations, then this might make your life a little easier, but not much.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: It is useless!!!
Review: I bought the software and the first step it requires you to do is to enter organization name and address. It gives you so little space for both that I can't even enter my church name in a meaningful way. I can barely enter street address of all the organizations. I have to use the TaxCut software to modify the names once they are imported. It's useless! The only good thing is that I do get my rebate so at least it's free.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Not worth the money
Review: This program is basically a simple database that allows you to enter your donations. It will help you value your donations, but it's difficult to do in the program. You need to know which category your item is listed under before you can find it's value in this program. It doesn't let you search for your item to find the value. I don't see any value in this program. Entering all of your donations in this program is a hassle. It's easier to enter them directly into your tax program.

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