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Aloha Bob PC Relocator

Aloha Bob PC Relocator

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Works like a charm
Review: I got PC Relocator because the price was right and I did not need to select stuff, I just wanted it all. After the transfer my PC rebooted and everything worked great! it worked better than I expected--

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: It works great!
Review: I just finished using this software this past weekend to transfer all of the stuff from my old computer to the new and it worked great. I'm baffled at the problems that the other reviewers had with it. I had no trouble with it at all, very simple to use, on screen step by step instructions. Like the other reviewers, I found that the time involved was way off from what the instructions said, but I can only assume that, that is because the makers of the software have no idea how much and what kind of data we each have in our computers, so the time is just a very rough estimate on transfering standard data. I store tons of pictures in mine so I assumed that is one reasons it took so long, about 12 hours. I just let it do it's thing while I did other things, even went to bed and it was done when I got up, and my new computer looked just like my old one, right down to the wallpaper I had on my old computers desktop. My old computer runs on Windows 98, new one on Windows XP Professional,and I used the printer port with the cable that came with the software. It transfered all of my sounds, Office 2000, Quicken, with all my banking information, all of my pictures, casino games, pinball games, everything. I was very please with this software and am glad I bought it, it did all of the work for me. I would definately recommend it.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Avoid, this software is useless
Review: I needed to transfer documents between a laptop and my desktop and thought this program would facilitate the process. The price after rebate made it even more attractive. Well, remember the two adages, "you get what you pay for" and "bait and switch," as this program satisfies both. First, while the menu asks what type of files/programs you want to transfer, it transfers everything, even if all you want are files in your My Documents folder. It starts by transferring the programs on the Source PC and then will make registry mods. I don't like messing w/ the registry.
While first running the program it asks if you'd like to upgrade to the Ultra version for $19.95, the bait and swith. The documentation states that the Ultra version will allow one to do selective transfers from one computer to another...

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Waste of Money
Review: I purchased this product, never worked at all, I contacted the company to return for credit, took 2 Faxes, 3 Emails and 2 Phone calls and 2 weeks later they email me and tell me it will take 3 more weeks to start paperwork for return. I plan on reporting them to BBB and Atty. General Sate of Florida.
Do yourself a favor and don't purchase this product.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Worst software I've ever used.
Review: It took 26 hours to do the transfer. First, not everything was transferred. Second, most of what was transferred was damaged and therefore unusable. Had to reformat new computer and start all over. A big waste of money and time. Please avoid this one.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great for what it was meant to do
Review: It's for moving from 1 PC to another. If you just want to transfer a few files you're in the wrong place. If you're moving PC's, however, get it. It does the job just fine. It may take a while. Start it going at night and hit the sack. Come morning you'll probably be good to go. Use network connection if u have, the CORRECT USB cable (it's not a normal USB cable - they do tell you that - you gotta believe them) if you don't, and parallel as a last resort. Parallel (printer port) will take the longest. It will move everything that can be moved, and to the right place. Not everything can be moved, talk to Bill Gates. Great program.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Goodbye to Aloha Bob
Review: Nothing but trouble; I would have rated it 0 stars had I the option. Took me over a week of this and that errors listed using the various cables. Finally had to transfer the data by burning a CD which I could not load as I received an error message there, also.
I should have read these reviews first.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Need your stuff on another computer? Use this Software
Review: PC Relocator is great! It has transfered all my programs, settings, files with no problems at ALL!
Thanks PC Relocator.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: PC Relocator
Review: Terrible product. Tried to upgrade via internet to get a better version and still had mega problems. Not able to transfer information. Spent many frustrating hours on this.Am currently trying to get my money back. Need to find a user friendly product. Worst software we have had since owning a computer! Do not buy. Wish I would have looked at Amazon first.

Rating: 1 stars
Review: The Alohabob PC Relocator is horrible! I just purchased to transfer files to a new laptop and the operation transfer takes over a day. The box misleads the customer to believe the alohabob high speed cable is included. Instead the slowest possible cable is included. Of course, once the product is opened its almost impossible to return or even exchange for the Ultra which is $40 higher. The alohabob cable, cuts time down to hours, is not sold separately. Shady, shady company! Buyer beware.

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