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Adventures in Iraq

Adventures in Iraq

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Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Sometimes Ridiculous Programmer
Review: John Loder and Ruth Ford star as a soon-to-be divorced British couple who make a crash landing in the Syrian desert along with American pilot Warren Douglas. They wander into a strange village populated by devil worshippers, and although they first become guests of the sheik, they soon become condemned hostages in retaliation for the execution of the sheik's brothers, Nazi spies, by the Allies. This is a quick programmer from Warner Brothers, and it's not very good. Ford shows some potential as an actress, but Loder and especially Douglas give incompetent performances. Paul Cavanagh, as the sheik, displays some skill, while the rest of the cast is negligible. The dialogue is stilted and the story sometimes ridiculous, with the last fifteen minutes being particularly hard to swallow. It's hard to believe Warner Brothers produced this film the same year as Casablanca!

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