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A Chinese Ghost Story

A Chinese Ghost Story

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  • Color
  • AC-3
  • Widescreen
  • Animated


Ten years after the live-action A Chinese Ghost Story was a hit on the international art-house circuit in 1987, producer Tsui Hark creates an animated version of his tale. The wildly imaginative film of a human who falls for an enchanting ghost contains many of the ingredients of most anime films: an odd, sometimes incomprehensible story, bizarre creatures, and great action sequences. Giant monsters follow our pair of lovers from hell to earth to heaven, with assorted samurai warriors helping along the way. While the content demands the comprehension of those at least 8 and up, this film fills an important section of anime for kids who have outgrown Pokémon but are still too young for the sometimes brutal world of adult anime. A film this creative deserves an audience. --Doug Thomas
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