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AV3X: The TV Mind Machine

AV3X: The TV Mind Machine

List Price: $29.95
Your Price: $29.95
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: AV3X
Review: A must buy DVD. Out of this world,peaceful relaxation. A masterpiece!!!!!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Power Nap in a Box
Review: As a television videojournalist, my days can be stressful and can put a strain on my eyes. Looking for ways to unwind without putting chemicals or alcohol in my body, I found out about light and sound machines for relaxation. But after a little research I found even the least expensive one runs around US$125.00.

Then during a random web search I noticed Christopher Oliver's 'AV3X: The TV Mind Machine.' At about $US30.00, it sounded like a bargain and worth at least a try. I ordered from Amazon and it arrived in two days.

Now, I've seen some interesting computer generated animation videos which are sometimes interesting, sometimes painful to watch. I'm talking about the random, swirling, bubbling, lava-lamp style CGI shows with new age music that probably accompany Grateful Dead music at parties. AV3X is *not* that.

First of all, it's not meant to be 'watched' so much as 'experienced.' Visually, you'll see drifting, swirling, vivid computer generated images, much like the patterns of color you'll see if you close your eyes and look toward the sun for a few minutes. These are overlaid by a white, pulsating flash that you hardly notice after about 30 seconds. The sounds include running water, atmospheric music, and an almost imperceptible throbbing beat. It may not sound like much, but put it all together and it floods the senses. Turn off the lights, settle back in your comfy chair, and pick one of the tracks.

If you're not drooling and numb within about 5 minutes, I'd be surprised. Well, maybe not that relaxed, but it's possible. At any rate, if you let your thoughts fade and focus on what you're seeing and hearing, you'll almost automatically relax. Your body can't help it, because it's responding to a built-in reaction to the pulsing lights and beats. The music, sounds and visuals are just for interest, and they *are* very interesting, and draw you into the experience.

Bottom line: buy it. Seriously. You'll get the effect every time you watch it, don't worry. And you won't believe how well you'll sleep that night!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Escape from Reality
Review: AV3X is like nothing I've seen before. Everytime I watch it, I am mesmerized. I feel like I am being transported into another world where I can fly, float, turn and travel through tunnels. This product is the ideal way to release stress and forget about worries. I always feel more relaxed and peaceful after I watch a session on the AV3X DVD. This product lives up to its promises.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Experience Digital Meditation on DVD
Review: Digital Meditation is the best way to describe this DVD video. It's the mind machine meditation experience on TV. It's a quick and easy way to relax. It just keeps you glued to the TV in a trance.

What I like most about it is how I feel after watching it. It just makes me melt into the couch. It's like going on a digital vacation to a place within.

Play this at parties and your guests will just trip-out. It is also great late night make-out material. It is a great way to get your date to relax and chill and go with the flow.

It is something that you just need try to believe. Many relaxation products make empty promises, this one ACTUALLY DELIVERS. I watch it over and over. It has great replay value.

Oh- by the way... Watch it in a dark room, curtains closed and lights out...

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great Mind Machine without the Expensive Equipment
Review: Ever want to improve your concentration, willpower not to overeat, quit smoking, sleep better, think more, work faster, be more productive or just expereince less stress? If you answered yes to all or any of the above this disc could be a step in the right direction for you. Computer imagery combined with light pulses and unique soundtracks stimulate mental pathways and enhance thought processes. This is a great introduction to mind machines at a very small investment.
No expensive equipment is required except a DVD player, TV and
time. A Great way to get started on increasing mental focus and very entertaining and relaxing. Enjoy!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: AV3X: Not just another psychedelic DVD
Review: Having been a mind machine user for many years I was pleasantly surprised at the affect on my consciousness when I viewed, or I sould say, experienced, the AV3X DVD.

A TV mind machine is the perfect explicative to describe this DVD disk. Just pop it in your DVD Rom drive on your PC, or forget about the PC and use your normal everyday DVD TV or home theater system and your off...................
Off to an audio/visual phantasmagoric place of stressless wonderment.
A wide screen projection TV home theater system is my preferred environment to engage this puppy.
If your a couch potato though......watch out. You could become the couch.......or the potato
But I digress.

For sheer beauty and artistic presentation alone this DVD should become part of everyone's DVD library. CAN YOU SPELL FANTASIA? Well can ya punk?
AV3X is the Fantasia of the 21st century!

The audio part of the production is far more complex, intricately woven and synchronized then anything found with traditional mind machine technology, where mere simple and complex beats and chords are the triumph of the day. This tends to bore even the most intrepid explorer, and explains why most users fall asleep with traditional mind machines, even in a high energy session.
Not so with the AV3X....................
The subtle texturing of the musical imagery combines uniquely created ambient sounds with any array of psychoacoustic tones, that combined with the visual impact, produce a kind of kaleidomorphic experience that is "view-pulsed" through your eyes and ears and thus your Mind and Consciousness.
Heck, why do you think they call it a TV Mind Machine?

I was fairly skeptical about any kind of real focus that could be produced via an external, eye-open mind-state manipulation presentation, as opposed to the traditional closed-eye methods, via use of LED encrusted glasses, the modus operende' of the classical Light and Sound (L/S) machine.

Such an intellectual position quickly vanishes when you realize the subtle magnetic attraction that gently pulls your mind and the focus there-of, into the open-eyed daylight of a very precise and deliberately powerful phantasmagoria of synchronized, and intricately layered Light and Sound.

What more can one say. For the novelty of the experience alone, you should check this DVD out.
If your stressed out the wazzoooooooo, then this puppy is for you.
If you want to just relax and chill, I can't think of a better tool to use.

Whether you buy AV3X TV Mind Machine for it's enhanced psychedelic nature and novelty, or buy it for it's psychological therapeutic benefits, you should be very pleased with your purchase.
So much so that your be wondering, like me, when the next release will be out.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: AV3X Ultimate Digital Meditation
Review: Hi Christopher,

WOW WOW WOW.... I just finished watching the AV3X DVD for the first time... it is so worth the money.

It is great. I am having a meditation group in our 55+ condo rect center on Thrusday's and I will be using this with the group to just get them relaxed.

Thank you so much. Words can not express how wonderful this DVD is.


Thank to you and all who made this happen.

Arianna Christaino
Maderia Beach Florida

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: AV3X Ultimate Digital Meditation
Review: Hi Christopher,

WOW WOW WOW.... I just finished watching the AV3X DVD for the first time... it is so worth the money.

It is great. I am having a meditation group in our 55+ condo rect center on Thrusday's and I will be using this with the group to just get them relaxed.

Thank you so much. Words can not express how wonderful this DVD is.


Thank to you and all who made this happen.

Arianna Christaino
Maderia Beach Florida

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: AV3X: Entertaining and Relaxing!
Review: I find myself choosing the AV3X when wanting to do an alpha or alpha/theta session rather than using my personal avs unit. Its easier and takes less time. I've used the AV3X in three different manners: 1) Using a portable DVD player with tv glasses and headphones (which is also the method I use when utilizing the Brainmaster eeg/neurofeedback unit for simultaneously recording the participant's real-time brainwave frequency entrainment response to the AV3X); 2) Combining a DVD player with tv glasses and headphones to my IMS bed (for light, sound and tactile stimulation, 360 degree orbital motion, an incredible visual presentation and all synchronized with music); and 3) Kicking back in my favorite chair, choosing session three on the AV3X, and enjoying the presentation via a 600 watt Sony A/V home entertainment system. Its a downright decent way to relax.

How do you use the AV3X ?

You don't have to "stare" at the screen nor look at its center. Rather, I recommend you follow different parts of the screen, letting your eyes guide you. The darker the surroundings the better, but it is not a necessity.

I see the AV3X as both a toy and a tool. A toy because it is entertaining and a tool because it gently guides my brain to a more relaxed state. Its a nice combination, and with a price tag in the [money] range, an excellent addition to anyone's DVD library.

Just as avs / light and sound stimulation affects each individual differently, so too does the AV3X. The presentations on this DVD are designed to help you relax, to release the day's stressors, in an entertaining fashion. But there are degrees or levels of stress that most of us seem to possess, colors that affect us positively and colors that don't, and a daily schedule that inhibits 'free-time', when considering which session/presentation to watch. Each AV3X track is of a different length, blending different colors, different visuals, into a presentation suitable for a mid-day relax break, study break or "just got home and the rest of the day is mine" segue into your personal time.

The AV3X is also perfect for use in seminars to teach about brainwaves et al, and great to use in the beginning of meditation/yoga classes to deepen the experience.

As you are watching the visuals and listening as the sounds happen in total synchrony with what you are seeing, let your thoughts drift and your eyes follow whatever visual movement they should fall upon. Experience each session, make note of how each affects you, and pick your favorites for specific tasks. These tasks can range from the aforementioned relax breaks or incorporating into breaks between study sessions, to enhancing visualization and imaging skills for improved performance in upcoming events, whether it be a test, job interview or athletic endeavor. Teachers can use the AV3X before presenting material their students need to memorize, or as a tool for reducing pre-test anxieties, or for helping their students relax and focus after recess or lunch. Therapists can use this DVD in their reception area, for relaxing their clients and helping them focus on why they are there before they meet with the therapist, and for helping clients calm down after driving across town to get to their scheduled appointment. The terminally ill can use the AV3X to relax and cope, as can overworked police officers and postal employees; just about anyone who is affected by stress at work or at school can use the AV3X and feel positive and refreshed.

The Research

How do I know these presentations are effective for learning relaxation? That they do indeed increase the alpha and/or theta brainwave production of a participant? The answer is simple: I measure the real-time response of a participant's brainwave production before, during and after an AV3X session using eeg/neurofeedback.

My goal is to get an eeg sampling from 250 participants for each AV3X session and I am admittedly far from it. But what I have observed when reviewing eeg responses so far has been an immediate increase in the desired brainwave state when placing the "active" eeg electrode at "CZ" or basically dead-center on the top of the skull. Under the supervision of Dr. L. Jerry Cunningham, I performed hundreds of hours of eeg/neurofeedback training and am confident that the "CZ" location is an excellent site for measuring the production of alpha and theta brainwaves.

From the time a presentation begins until alpha entrainment occurs and a frequency following effect is observable has been within 2-3 minutes. Theta increases appear to happen within 5-6 minutes.

It is too early, the AV3X is too new, for me to say this DVD can and will relax you or can and will help you cope with stressors. But I can say it has helped me cope with daily stress, and that I enjoy watching the different presentations versus doing an avs session. The AV3X is an entertaining and cost-effective alternative to avs instruments. Could this DVD possibly be a turning point in how avs is delivered?

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Powerful Deep Relaxation Made So Easy
Review: I have a very busy lifestyle and I don't have time for meditation classes or Yoga. This DVD is the shortcut to get to a peaceful state of relaxation when I need to calm down in a hurry. On many occasions I have also used the AV3X DVD to help me get to sleep when I was having insomnia. I am very happy with this DVD and I recommend it to anyone who wants to relax very deeply quickly and easily.

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