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Chris Rock - Never Scared

Chris Rock - Never Scared

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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Not Rock's best work
Review: "Never Scared" is the latest Chris Rock comedy special from HBO. I have long considered Rock to be one of the funniest comics in America (in my limited experience) and was expecting great things from "Never Scared". My high expectation from Chris Rock may have led to my slight disappointment. In a sense, it was classic Chris Rock, but that was also the problem.

Rock's comedy focuses on relationships, politics, government, race relations, and now parenthood (since Rock is now a parent). There is plenty of material for Chris to draw upon, but the problem I had was just that he wasn't as funny as he has been in the past. This was a new comedy special, but it felt like the same old material, only not quite as funny. Don't get me wrong, Chris Rock is still a very funny man, but this performance was not at the level that I have come to expect from Chris Rock. It was good, but it wasn't as good as he has been and is capabale of. Rock has good points in his comedy, but this isn't his best work.

-Joe Sherry

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: as funny as early Richard Pryor!
Review: In many ways, this concert is very similar to mid-70's Richard Pryor - outrageous, profane, and side-splitting funny. I never thought I'd say this about Chris Rock. Sure, lots of profanity here...so if this offends you, this is not for you. To the 2-star reviewer who commented this is "anti-white"...lighten up! I got news for you - it's 2004. Making fun of white people is OK. Especially when you do it well. The humor here is not just racial - it's about men/women relationships, sex, social commentary and politics too. And lots of profanity. But really no different than most live comedians these days. As a big Richard Pryor fan, and Robin Williams too, this is right up there. From someone who was not a big fan of Chris Rock...until now!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Chris Rock : Never Scared
Review: this is chris rock's best work yet. it's very political which is good (unless you're a conservative) especially in the times which we are living in. he's very angry also, but no different than a george carlin kind of rage. someone has written that it's an anti-white politcal rally which is absurd! he's just as racial as he's always been (and there's a difference between racial and racist). anyone offended by this is most definetly a racist. if you're not outraged like every american should be, then you're not gonna relate anyways. if he strikes a nerve then he is probably talking about you! it would be racism if chris rock had no basis to form these opinions from, but we all know the bloody history of our country and he just reminds us who the real terrorists are and have been since they landed on plymouth rock. it's the same chris, just fueled by a new post 9/11 ignorance only found in america which equals great humor. david cross, george carlin, bill hicks, doug stanhope all say the same things as chris but somehow it's offensive when a black comedian says it. if a white comedian sees the same flaws in white society then maybe there's something wrong with society... i agree with everything he says and if you like his previous material then you will too.

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