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Abbott & Costello Show (1952- 53): Vol. 3

Abbott & Costello Show (1952- 53): Vol. 3

List Price: $19.98
Your Price: $17.98
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Excelent 35mm transfers
Review: These shows have never looked better! When first shown on television most stations ran 16mm prints. Now we can enjoy these from their pristine 35mm masters! Since the first season was way better than the second, both seaseons are being included on all DVDs (fewer people would buy the second season). The first season boasts some of the only filmed copies of their vaudeville routines, the story was only an excuse for the boys to go somewhere for the routines to happen. The second season was more story driven (they had used up their routines).
The only negative thing about these DVDs is the cost! Some shows sell entire seasons for the price of four Abbott & Costello shows.
This meager offering is:
#1 "Lou Falls for Ruby" (aka The Pigeon) from the second season, Lou falls for a gangster's girlfriend.
#2 "Hillary's Father" (aka The Music Lovers) from the first season, Lou tries to learn to sing to impress Hillary's Father.
#3 "Uncle Ruppert" (aka Uncle from New Jersey) from the second season, Lou fakes a rich uncle to avoid being evicted.
#4 "Bingo's Troubles" (aka Bingo) from the first season, Lou needs to get their pet chimp a license, but Lou geta s marriage liscense.

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