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Akai DVDS5851 All Multi Region Code Free Region Free Dvd Player w/Karaoke

Akai DVDS5851 All Multi Region Code Free Region Free Dvd Player w/Karaoke

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Akai 5851 Review
Review: I just got the Akai 5851 on Friday. I bought it as a Christmas present for my parents. I picked up 5 dvd's from an Italian DVD website as well. The player worked great. I tested it when I got it because of the love it/hate it reviews here. All 5 dvd's worked fine. There was no distortion in the picture, no skipping, etc. Little tip though if you plan on buying this player. Do not connect it through your vcr. Connect it directly to your TV or a switcher box. I had it originally hooked up through the front ports on my vcr & the copy protection made the picture cycle between perfect to a dark crappy version & back again. I hooked it up to my pelican device switcher & that fixed that little problem.

The Italian dvd site is pretty sweet too. These are the titles that I picked up:

Something About Mary
Old School
The Green Mile
Life is Beautiful

They all had a perfect Italian dub & they all had the option of turning on english subtitles. The shipping & handling from Italy is pretty heinous though (about $40.) [...] The other great thing is that there are a pile of new movies like the Lord of the Rings, Spiderman 2 & etc. The only negative thing is that the whole site is in Italian. I had to get help from a cousin that was fluent in Italian to help translate.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: This Lovejoy addict is SO HAPPY!
Review: One thing being a pain when to go back and forth between Britain and US is Regional DVDs. US has one standard and Britain has PAL. In order to play anything in the US other than region 1 you have to buy a PAL DVD player, then have to have a PAL telly! What a pain. Even when you get region 0 which supposedly plays on a few (not my four!), you still need the telly that reads PAL!

So the brilliant solution is this AKAI DVD. It is just such a dream to this videophile. It's a multi region player, and yes I can play my DVDs I get in England and no special tell. The player has a converter! Gee, how SIMPLE can you get!!

It plays multi regions - 5 Disc changer, DC CDRW/MP3. The picture is exquisite. The Zoom is amazing on this one! So this Lovejoy Addict has my 5 Disc changer loaded with series 1 and 2 of Lovjoy (nearly) and eagerly waiting release of series 3.

So, don't sit around wishing you could play a DVD from Britain or elsewhere! Take control.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Wrost Ever Purchase I ever made - Junk
Review: Please don't even have a second thought of buying this piece of JUNK!!! This is the worst ever purchase I ever made.
Unit never worked, I got an exchange from vendor second unit had ghosting problem; Unit also didn't recognize Remote Control!!
Called for Warrant this time - No way to get old of Akai as there is no tech support or warranty place around in US.
Learnt a lesson, I will not buy or recommend anyone to buy this junk.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Junk !!
Review: This is a peice of junk!! DVD worked only for 2 sec to go as far as saying no disc !! No customer support had to pay outof my pocket to send it for warranty at their only repair center in US
Spend your money in some more reliable product.!!

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