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Aiwa DVD Player With Component Output (XD-DV520)

Aiwa DVD Player With Component Output (XD-DV520)

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Aiwa XD-DV520
Review: My main concerns with the purchase of this DVD were picture quality, and sound. I am very pleased with both. I used an S-Cable for the video hook-up and standard Audio/Video cables for sound. I have the DVD attached to an AIWA AV-NW31 Home Theatre system. I suspect that sound quality relates to the compatability of components from the same manufacturer. The video however, is all on its own. No picture jitters or occasional distortions. I used Hogwarts at night for my evaluation. It was crisp and bright. The box itself is very clean with small button configurations that work well. The remote is small and for me, easy to lose. The Home Theatre remote however,works both and is larger.It was a great purchase.

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