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Aiwa XD-DV380 DVD Player

Aiwa XD-DV380 DVD Player

List Price: $260.00
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: A great multi-purpose player
Review: I just finished connecting my Aiwa DV-380 to my analog stereo system and 27" TV and, so far, I am delighted. The picture is a nice upgrade over VHS, and music CD's sound as good as on my conventional CD player. What I really like about this product, however, is the fact that it can play mp.3 files burned to CD's. One could program several tracks from a single mp.3 CD containing hundreds of tracks, eliminating the need for the multi-disc carousel. The on-screen menu works in a manner similar to Windows for opening and programming files and folders (here referred to as tracks and albums). The only complaint I have about this product is that you do need to use the television for the more complex programming options. I have other Aiwa products that have very elaborate LCD displays on the unit itself, and I think they could have gone a little further to reduce the need for the TV screen as a function display. However, this is a very minor drawback in light of the overall versatility of this player. If you enjoy downloading music from the web and burning to CD, the DV 380 will fill a few needs with one affordably priced unit.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Does Final Call Auctions Hate America?
Review: The XD-DV380 is probably a fine product, but I was never able to buy it from Final Call Auction, the lone seller offering a used XD-DV380 at this time. They disregarded my explicit instruction to ship my purchase via US Postal Service, and shipped UPS.

One problem: UPS can't complete delivery to my address, only the Post Office can -- I'm told that something like 2-1/2 million such adddresses exist. I complained to Final Call and was told (quite snottily) that they ship ONLY via UPS. When I asked why, I was told that "UPS is an American company."

True, UPS is an American company. But the Post Office is an American public institution. Vendors like Final Call undercut our public institutions and figuratively attack our nation when they adopt policies not to ship via the Post Office EVEN WHEN THAT'S THE ONLY WAY TO GET PRODUCT TO THEIR CUSTOMERS.

What does Final Call Auctions have against America? Are they loyal to our country? If anyone reads this who works in homeland security, a DEEP investigation of these people is almost certainly in order.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Excellent Aiwa Product
Review: This DVD player is an excellent buy. It plays CDs, also MP3s on a CD-R. The only downside, which is applicable to all DVD players, is that you have to plug it directly into a television because of the Macrovision anti-piracy technology. I had it plugged into both the VCR and the AV Reciever that I have at separate times, and they both gave funky picture output (which is weird because the AV receiver should work fine to pass the image). Excellent Aiwa product. I would buy it again if I had the chance/need.

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