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Amphion MediaWorks DVD Player V250

Amphion MediaWorks DVD Player V250

List Price: $59.99
Your Price: $59.99
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: This DVD Player is AWESOME!!!
Review: All I have to say is.... WOW. I mean, talk about paying a reasonable price for a superb DVD player. It's about time that companies stopped overcharging the consumers. I really love this DVD player. Everyone should get one.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: built in decoder?
Review: does anyone know if this DVD player has a built-in 5.1 decoder with the 5 RCA outputs and sub output ON the unit.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Amphion Mediaworks Little Brother the V101
Review: I just bought the AMW V101. I was an avid Apex fan owning the 660. Well this bottom of the line $$$. dvd player blows even Apex away. Here's why: the sound quality is excellent on my audiophile system. the picture quality is better than an apex because it features a sharpness, brightness, and contrast control on the player!Imagine your TV receiving a sharper picture first, rather than trying to sharpen up a duller picture to start with! I tested at Circuit City, $$$$ players such as Sony, Zenith, Magnavox,etc. None performed equally in both picture and sound. I used standard dvds and Svcds. All the other units either had inferior sound or motion blocks or jerkiness in the picture. The remote makes more sense too. Go get this one, you won't be sorry.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great Entertainment for Less!!!!!!!
Review: I just bought this DVD player for my new apartment, and I am very happy with the quality and workmanship of this excellent product. This product excels your average DVD players on the market right now. Go buy one dudes!

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: What a Piece of Junk
Review: I read all the other reviews when I ordered they were all great. So why not order it what a great price . Well I got it fast shipping, the remote control was cracked and broken, so I thought well I can get another one, lets hook it up. I went to load a cd and the front panel to the cd drive fell off. I put it back on it came back off when the cd unloaded. I put it back on pushed play got instant error "no disk" I tried everything I could to get that thing to work and it never did. Returned it (great return program via Amazon) and will order something more familiar like Toshiba..

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Should have known better than to buy the cheapest! Junk.
Review: Nice sleek, thin, metallic box, it was going to look good on the shelf. Unfortunately, it is a total piece of junk. It couldn't play more than 5 minutes of any DVD (including a new one!) without getting out of sync, pixelating, or constantly stopping motion for a second or two. After 30 minutes we finally gave up.

WARNING: this is not a free ship item so don't be like me and lose out on the 11 bucks to ship it. Fortunately, Amazon pays for the return trip, but for selling crap like this I will shop elsewhere for a real DVD player. Best of luck!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Color me impressed!
Review: Normally I am leery of brands I am not familar with. But when I read the 3 glowing reviews of this DVD player, I decided to get one. The previous review to mine I suspect was simply due to a defective unit as I have had no problems wqith mine (so far so good).
I liked the zoom feature on the remote that allows you to enlarge the picture (which by the way is excellent). I would say go get it.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The Best Value DVD Player I've seen so far.
Review: This DVD player can play basically most of the formats on the market. The picture is crystal clear, and after hooking up with my 5.1 CH speakers, the sound is awesome!!! I love the silver design, looks very very sharp. I mean, for $69.99, you basically have the look, performance, and quality of an expensive DVD player on the market, what more can you ask?? I'm sure this is only a promotional price for this GREAT UNIT!! Grab one while you still can.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Amphion MediaWorks Portable DVD Player M270
Review: This is the coolest little laptop DVD player. Also plays other video formats, CD's and MP3's. I hook it to my Creative Lab Speakers. Now I really don't need a stereo system. Multiple Audio and Video settings, password and screensaver. Plays for eight hours with a maximum charge. You can also run it from the AC adapter. Get one!

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