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 Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends - It's Great to Be an Engine (with Toy)

Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends - It's Great to Be an Engine (with Toy)

List Price: $19.99
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: This Is The Best Thomas Release In 2004!
Review: All aboard for all new adventures with Thomas, the blue engine that has big adventures on Sodor. Featuring Six episodes from Season 8.

Too Hot For Thomas
Emily's Adventure
You Can Do It Toby
Edward The Great
James Goes Too Far
Percy And The Magic Carpet

Sounds like I won't like it. I'LL LOVE IT! The stories sound good and they have the only episodes I have not seen yet this year. 5/5.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Better than "Steamies Vs Diesels."
Review: As a parent who has to watch what his kid is watching, I grew fond of the original stories narrated by Ringo Starr and George Carlin. Their readings and characterizations, the technical content of the stories, and the distinct characters of the engines make TV-time bearable. These new stories lack the charm of the old, the narrator is bland, and the blatant moralising is annoying. It's Barney on Rails. I can just hear the marketing executives wondering how they can make the Thomas franchise more palatable for as wide an audience as possible. Some of the engines also act differently from their established personae--Thomas has never shown much of an interest in transporting children (unlike Trevor the Traction Engine), but in the first story he suffers great anxiety because the other engines get to take children to the beach, but he is stuck transporting ice cream components. Gone also is the old Thomas theme, replaced with a new bubble-gummy piece of music.
That said, my two-year-old likes this DVD. He's not as critical as his parents, I guess. The trains have been rendered more three dimensional using computer effects, which is much easier on the eye then the old tapes. It takes a good two minutes to finally get to the story menu and select a story.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Well Bust My Buffers!(9out of 10)
Review: Despite the return of the infamous activites, It's Great to Be an Engine has managed to put a smile on my face. There were seven stories on this video instead of the usual six stories and they each focused on a different character. Even Edward makes his comeback in this one. The Stories are:

Too Hot for Thomas A:
Sir Topham Hatt sends Thomas to the Ice Cream factory to pick up some ice cream to take to the beach. But Thomas would much rather take children to the beach instead. Soon enough, Thomas will find out that taking Ice Cream is also a fun job.

Emily's Adventure B:
A big storm hits the Island of Sodor and blows the roof off of Farmer McColl's barn. Emily must get the timber to farmer McColl before dark so he can fix the roof for the baby cattle. But Emily will find out that asking kindly is much better than being a "Bossy Boiler."

You Can Do It, Toby A:
Gordon brings Toby down by saying he's not a "proper steam engine." But when Gordon needs a back engine to help him up the hill, will Toby, after what Gordon has told him, be able to help?

Gordon Takes Charge A:
It is the Holiday season on the Island of Sodor and more passengers are coming, so Sir Topham Hatt needs Percy to pull coaches and askes Gordon to teach him. But instead of teaching Percy, Gordon uses this as a chance to show off all afternoon of how great he is.

Edward the Great A:
The Duke and Dutchess come to the Island of Sodor and Spencer, their private engine boasts about how he's more splended than all the engines combined. When Sir Topham Hatt needs an engine to take the Duke & Dutchess' furniture to there summer house, all the engines find this as a chance to get back at Spencer by racing him. But when Edward is chosen, all the engines feel that he will make the railway look bad. But with a little efort, and some stalls by the Duke & Dutchess, Edward just might be able to win the race.

James Goes Too Far A:
James wants to feel important as well as feeling really useful so when Sir Topham Hatt gives him an important job, James uses this as his big chance. But when he gets impatient in the line and the water station and refuses to help an overworked Edward, it will all come back to haunt him and he will learn that being really useful is more important than feeling important.

Percy and the Magic carpet B:
Percy is sent to collect a special for the best dressed station show. When Percy comes to find a red carpet, he thinks his job isn't really important. But with the strong wind, the carpet begins to fly. Although it is only being blown by the wind, Percy thinks it is a magic carpet.

Again, I really liked this Thomas video, but I did not like how Michael Brandon did the voices. He made James, Toby, and Edward sound retarded. I think it takes away their dignity. But other than that minor flaw, this is a great Thomas video overall and I'd recommend it.

Rating: 5 stars
Review: I had bought this at my local Best Buy yesterday and I watched it today and it was great. The stories were good. They didn't show that many activities like they did in "Steamies vs: Diesels".

Too Hot For Thomas -- Thomas feels sad when he has to deliver ingredients to the ice cream factory instead of taking children to the beach, but later feels much happier thanks to a nice little surprise...

Emily's Adventure -- Emily finds that being unkind to others is the wrong thing to do when in need of help with a big job.

You Can Do It, Toby! -- When Gordon becomes stuck on the hill, Toby comes to help and push but will he have enough confidence in himself after Gordon saying earlier on to him that he's not a proper engine?

Gordon Takes Charge -- Gordon shows off to Percy while teaching him how to pull passengers. In doing so, Gordon doesn't notice a dangerous icy section of line...

Edward the Great -- Edward is chosen to compete against Spencer in a race, but is soon left eating Spencer's dust due to his much larger amount of power. Far out in the lead, Spencer grows overconfident and decides to have a little snooze...

James Goes Too Far -- When the other engines ask James for help with some hard jobs, he says he's much too busy with his assigned task of exporting loads of coal around the island. However, when James breaks down, his attitude soon changes...

Percy and the Magic Carpet -- Percy collects a special carpet to deliver, but suddenly the windy weather starts to blow it around. Percy, though, thinks that it's a magic flying carpet!

This is a great Thomas & Friends DVD. I would recommend it as one of my favorite Thomas & Friends DVDs.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Being an engine wasn't so great this time
Review: I was really suprised about how much people liked this movie considering Steamies vs. Diesels was a lot like it. First of all I miss the theme song and I hate the activities that are between the stories. I enjoy the stories themselves all though I think they need work. It's been almost ten years since Shining Time Station and now there's a new show on TV here in the states which isn't all that bad. I know that the people who reviwed this haven't been fans since the beginning which I have so your opinion is different then mine. I thought Thomas and the Jet Engine as I quoted was a step in the right direction so by my standards this would be a step in the wrong direction. This is only the second Thomas movie of its type and I own every Thomas tape and dvd there is so this isn't going to make me stop watching. Thomas has been through a lot of different companies and a lot of changes have been made. So for the people out there who work in those companies and have heard what I have said, the show still has some of it's original fanbase and we still love the show so please don't change it to the point where we stop watching. For all of you who read this I am a dedicated Thomas fan who has been trying to make a point and I thank you for reading and I hope you keep watching this great show.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: A hit!
Review: My 2 year-old doesn't know anything about any previous narrators, music or whatever. She loves these new episodes, loves the games in between and LOVES the Thomas song! Unfortunately, on the VHS version you don't get the children singing it like they do when it airs on TV, you just get the instrumental version at the beginning and end. But she sings and dances along without their help anyway!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Another Thomas Hit
Review: Though the title "It's Great To Be An Engine" may sound lame, the newest Thomas video is better than you think, and they've gone back to the better look last seen on Stemies Vs. Desiels. The only con is the return of the boring mid episode activities.

Too Hot For Thomas:
While Thomas delivers ingredients for Ice Cream he becomes impacient and makes the job go much slower.

Emily's Adventure:
A wind storm takes it's toll on Sodor. Determined to help fix the farmer's roof for his cafs, Emily becomes bossy and rude towards everyone.

You Can Do It Toby:
Gordon thinks Toby isn't useful, but Toby gets the last laugh when Gordon gets stuck on his hill (again). Probably the worst of the 6 episodes.

Edward The Great:
It's a race to see if Edward can beat Spencer to the Duke and Duchess' new beach house. Who will win? A parody of The Tortoise & The Hare.

James Goes Too Far:
James refuses to help Edward with his work, because he thinks taking coal to the stations during winter is more important. Guess who doesn't help James when he runs out of water.

Percy & The Magic Carpet:
During a windy day, Percy is sent to get a carpet for a contest hosted by Alicia Botti (from Thomas, Percy & The Squeak). When the carpet is blown by the wind Percy thinks it ain't the wind but something else.

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