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Philips DVDR600VR DVD Recorder / Player with VCR

Philips DVDR600VR DVD Recorder / Player with VCR

List Price: $449.99
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Good Recorder/VCR
Review: I bought this a few days ago and so far have no complaints. It was easy to hook up (I had it up in less than 1 hr). The recordings are good and fairly easy to make (roughly 1 page manual explanations on each function are well laid out). I have dubbed my wedding VHS tape and this function worked well too. Only minor complaint is that when dubbing from a VHS tape to DVD, I was not able to hit the monitor or video button to watch TV (I had to watch the material being dubbed). This should not be necessary since at the end of the dubbing I will have to watch the DVD again to make sure everything came across OK on the DVD (which it did). I did like that the recording stops automatically at the end of the tape. If you are looking for a VCR/DVD Recorder combo to use as a DVD Recorder and to copy over your VHS tapes (that are not copy protected) then this appears to be a good value at $320 offered by Amazon.

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