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Philips DVDR77 Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder with PCMCIA Media Slot

Philips DVDR77 Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder with PCMCIA Media Slot

List Price: $699.99
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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Not Ready for Prime Time
Review: I purchased the Philips DVDR77 DVD Recorder three months ago, after reviewing the features/benefits of this and other DVD recorders on the market. I selected the Philips unit because it had component input jacks and an iLink port. My intent was to be able to record off air HDTV broadcasts when it was inconvenient to watch them. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, this unit is not up to the task...

If you are looking for an expensive replacement for a VHS deck, with picture quality only slightly better than VHS, then this is the deck for you. The reasons I say this are the only inputs available for recording, even through the component video jacks, is 480i (standard definition Television I/O) and the only sound input available is 2 channel stereo through RCA connectors. My HDTV has ieee1394 firewire I/O and I had hoped the iLink inputs on the DVDR77 would accept audio/video output from my HDTV. I was wrong, the DVDR77 iLink input accepts only camcorder inputs, and ONLY (again) 480i signal inputs. This means, if you have a mini DV camcorder, capable of higher resolution recording, you will not be able to upconvert your mini DV camcorder tapes at full resolution.

I have been quite disappointed by the price/performance relationship of the DVDR77. It is really nothing more than a VHS tape recorder with a DVD in place of the tapehead. Do not purchase this unit with an expectation that you can use the recorder to record HDTV quality DVD's from your cable/satellite receiver/OTA feeds. 480i (standard TV input) in two channel stereo sound is the best you can expect.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Heck of lot better than others in this price range!!!
Review: I've tried some other recorders & each had their issues that I wasn't crazy about. The STEREO tuner on this model is flawless.
Has decent editing capabilities & excellent video quality. No...it's not capable of recording HDTV in it's full glory, but how many in this price range can handle that? Of course I only paid $240 for this unit (factory sealed with warranty card) from a private seller on ebay. This model adds a cooling fan that runs whisper quiet and keeps things nice & cool. It's that heat build up in some others that will affect the electronic components over time. Along with the upgraded DVD drive, it's a definite improvement over earlier models!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Philips DVDR77 and DVDR75
Review: They only difference between 75 and 77 is that 77 has a media slot. You can use any type of memory stick and manipulate and record your electronic camera photos on DVDs.

I have bought 77 and I have recorded more than 200 DVDs in the last 6 months. I have also tested 75 before I bought 77. Both are excellent and 77 has replaced my VCR. Recommended. Buy Philips and DVD+R as Sony, Pioneer and Panasonic with their DVD-R and DVD-RAM are no good for everyday home use. With Philips and DVD+R, you just insert the disk and record, just as you did with your VCR.

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