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Panasonic SC-HT1000 Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder Home Theater System

Panasonic SC-HT1000 Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder Home Theater System

List Price: $999.95
Your Price: $699.94
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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Super System
Review: I purchased this system in Aug 2004 and I am very
pleased with its performance. Recording is very easy and I especially like the time-slip feature this allows you to watch a show from the beginning and continue to record the program. So long vhs tape forever! The system delivers a terrific picture and the sound makes every show, movie, and sporting event a new experience. I also enjoy the am-fm radio that is built into the unit. I'm sure that the high-end systems blow this unit away but for the money and the size this is a great buy!

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Stay away from Panasonic!
Review: Customer Service - the Panasonic website claims this is very important to them. I had my home theater only 3-4 months when a VCR tape got stuck. I has now been at the service center for almost 4 months! When I am lucky enough to get a response from Panasonic (which is rare), they make promises of completion and/or replacement. But promises won't play the DVD's my family would have liked to watch together over the holidays. When we finally got through to the customer service center on the phone, they had the nerve to hand up on us twice. IF YOU WANT A COMPANY TO STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS - STAY AWAY FROM PANASONIC!!! I have truly given up hope of even getting my home theater back from the Panasonic service center.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Owned for about 3-4 Months
Review: I have sworn up and down that I would never buy a home theater in a box, but I needed a small compact system for the bedroom, so I bit the bullet. The DVD recorder and tall front speakers were the deal makers for me. This way, I would have only the TV and this unit in the bedroom, no need for a seperate receiver, DVD player, or DVD/VHS recorder. It was all here.

First of all it looks great, and matches with my HDTV CRT Sony perfectly! And the sound has impressed me so far, even for standard audio CD's, which is usually the downfall of HTIB's. Being in the bedroom, 12x16, I don't need to blast it, so I usually keep the volume low, and you can hear every detail clearly. Movie's DD and DTS tracks are crisp and detailed. It might not be as powerful or "expensive" as my main theater system, but it's PERFECT for the bedroom. Truly, I couldn't imagine a better system for the purpose.

NOW THE BEST PART! The features on this thing were definitly a surprise. The biggest surprise was the VIDEO UPCONVERSION. The receiver part of this unit, w/3 additional inputs, all up-convert to Component Video!! My cable box and analog "coax" all are run through the Panasonic, and are out-put in, significantly improved, video quality through the component connection. The Panasonics picture enhancer greatly improves the poor analog picture signal, colors in particular. Other features include Center Focus, which moves your center channel audio down, so it seems as though it is coming from the TV, and not a speaker on the top of the TV. Also Virtual Center for the surround speakers. You can change audio levels and angles, based on your seated position. Five Stars. I love this thing!

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Buyer beware
Review: If you purchase this product, I hope you are completely satisfied. It is my opinion that the reliability of Panasonic products has slipped in recent years, and this was confirmed to me when a product I purchased quickly failed. The reason I'm posting this is to warn you that the warranty that accompanies Panasonic products only has value if the company chooses to stand behind it. In my case, they weaseled out of it, leaving me with a total loss and no further recourse. Good luck with your decision.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: "slammin"
Review: just played the Bruce Springsteen dvd of his Barcelona concert and it was just a slammin reproduction by the dvd/home theater...........and the price has come down $70 since i bought it (doesnt it always).........but still a great buy

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