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Apex DRX9000 Progressive-Scan DVD Player-Recorder

Apex DRX9000 Progressive-Scan DVD Player-Recorder

List Price: $419.99
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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Can you give negative stars???.....Zero stars for this item
Review: ....If Apex took out the word recorder out of the title, then the unit would be fine and dandy...However, I should have known that the price and features were too good to be true....I shouldn't have stepped down to a lower brand name....
The manual sounds like it was written by someone who was learning English at the time....and the controls aren't matched with the manual's instructions....
I don't know what it means to upgrade or whatever to a DVD recorder....it isn't a computer so where is the software going to go?...The feature list sounds impressive...and that is about the only thing that is impressive...
The manual goes on and on about how to play and switch from one title to another and move between chapters, assuming that someone who has actually purchased the unit for the purpose of creating DVD's has no idea how to play a DVD in a player.
It records for about 3 seconds and then goes into pause mode because of some copy protection, and this when I'm trying to record a tape from a camcorder.....
I think Apex should include a gift certificate for a tank of gas for all the trips back and forth to the store to return these products.....one of which is going back tomorrow....Apex makes items that are technologically advanced if you're comparing them to the rotting carcass of a billy goat....!

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Very Poor quality
Review: A major theme with the DRX 9000 is a very high failure rate for the power supply. My unit was no exception. Shortly after having the power supply fixed the DVD read/write unit went out. It's pretty much a piece of junk right now. I bought mine from Walmart for $264, I see they no longer carry it. I would stay far away from this one.


Rating: 1 stars
Summary: DRX 9000 is the biggest joke of all DVD recorders
Review: About 2 months ago I an Apex DVD Recorder DRX 9000 off ebay and was very excited because now I can transfer my tapes to DVDs. When I got it I tried it out. Recording from TV signals the quality was great. I tried it from a video signal it was lousy due to Macrovision copyright. So I called Apex for an upgrade CD to removed the Macrovision which did. When I recorded from the video signal the quality was wasn't the best but decent. The video signal recording was working until after 2 days when I tried it again it kept pausing and said 'paused by copy protection which means the CD didn't do any good. (...). I went ahead a much excellent recorder a Panasonic DMR-E20 which records from video signals perfectly. Whoever gave this machine a 5 star rating, what are you thinking? At was wondering why people was knocking it here but when I tried it out I see why.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Don't waste your money
Review: As all the others, my power supply just died as well. They wanted $99 for me to fix this inferior product.

Stay clear

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Don't waste your money
Review: As all the others, my power supply just died as well. They wanted $99 for me to fix this inferior product.

Stay clear

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Am surprise Amazon would carry the product the company!
Review: Believe those unfavorable comments about freeze, hang-up, and others!

System would freeze completely. You'd have to unplug the system to reset to get your disk out.

What is most ridiculous thing is Apex's customer service: it would take you at least 30 minutes on hold before picking up the phone. And, instead of providing you any help on the phone, I guessed the only service they provide is to ask you to return the item for exchange. The operator does not know anything, zip, about the product and the problem!

Don't waste your time (for transit) and money (return shipping and insurance.) And don't listen to those favorable comments. ItíŽs probably an INSIDE job.

Never have had problem with Amazon's order before, and this is the first time. Now I am having reserve when ordering from Amazon again. Kind of surprised that Amazon would place its reputation with such low quality product and supplier!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Apex DRX9000 DVD Recorder
Review: For the features and price the DRX9000 DVD recorder is a very good buy. It has a great picture plus digital sound. It is even better when used with HD progressive scan TV. Audio CD's sound great played on this unit too.I have not had any problems recording or playing back the DVD+R or +RW disc. Also, the recorded disc play just fine in my computer DVD drive.
There is one thing I would like to say to potentail buyers, or someone who has just purchased a new DRX9000. There is a hookup flyer that comes in the box with the DRX9000, that states, Do not connect this DVD recorder to a VCR or TV/VCR combination, it will cause picture distortion. APEX has addressed this problem with a firmware update. You can download this file off their web site and burn your own disc, or contact them by telephone and they will send you a disc with the new firmware update on it. This update takes about 20 to 30 seconds to do, and it works.
Anybody thinking about purchasing a new DVD recorder that has great features and good price. I would highly recommend the Apex DRX9000.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: Agree
Review: I agree with gr. Losing all your settings shows lack of foresight of the developers of this machine. I was going to contact Apex about this, but you answered my questions. Still, a good machine for the money, and once the firmware was upgraded, the instability on the VHS input went away.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Don't Buy this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review: I bought this from Sears. It quit working completely after a month. The power would not come on at all. It also will not fastfoward it's own recording off of television but 2 x when it supposed to either ff or rewind up 36 x. The manual is hard to understand as well.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: GOOD for ANT Recording, REALLY BAD for VHS conversion
Review: I bought this unit...with hopes of having a faster way of converting home movies to DVD faster than it would take using a computer capture card and program and waiting for it to render the entire DVD movie.

The manual was confusing to figure out how to setup the player/recorder and once I got my vcr to send a signal to the DVD recorder it ended up looking like a cable box signal when it's scrambled. The picture quality wasn't quite as bad as that but it certainly jumped around and flickered in and out. Definitely not something people wanna watch. The picture input was not stable at all coming from a vcr and I do not mean copyrighted materials, but personal home movies. However its ability to take antenna signals and save them to DVD was great. I had no quams about that part.

The user-interface was quite confusing. One thing I did NOT like about recording to DVD on this machine was that there is no way of telling the recorder to start a new dvd chapter as you're recording. You have to hit stop recording and then start again, which does not make for a seamless footage dvd...

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