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Panasonic DMR-HS2 Progressive-Scan DVD Recorder/PVR with 40 GB Hard Drive (Silver)

Panasonic DMR-HS2 Progressive-Scan DVD Recorder/PVR with 40 GB Hard Drive (Silver)

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  • Built-in 40 GB hard drive, IEEE 1394 digital video input
  • Hybrid VBR (variable bit rate) technology lets you record up to 6 hours on a single-sided DVD-RAM disc
  • Time Slip lets you watch from the beginning a program whose recording is still in progress
  • Progressive-scan video output for film-like images on high-definition and HD-ready TVs
  • Plays DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, music CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and JPEG image CDs


Talk about "all in one"--the Panasonic DMR-HS2 is not only a full-featured progressive-scan DVD player that handles DVDs, CDs, and JPEG-filled recordable discs; it's also a DVD recorder that happens to store more than two days' worth of audio/video programming on its built-in memory. The DMR-HS2's 40 GB hard drive provides up to 52 hours of recording time, plus the unit can record up to 12 hours on a 9.4 GB double-sided DVD-RAM disc and six hours on a DVD-R (in Extended Play mode in both cases).

The DMR-HS2 offers the flexibility of recording on both DVD-RAM--perfect for instant chapter access and for multiple rerecordings--as well as DVD-R, widely regarded as the most widely compatible of the many DVD formats (great for sharing camcorder footage with loved ones).

Panasonic's Time Slip feature lets you use your DVD recorder like a personal video recorder, or PVR. Because of DVD-RAM's extremely fast transfer rate, you can view the recorded portion of an ongoing program from the beginning, while still recording the program in progress. You can even replay a scene recorded 30 seconds earlier without disrupting the recording process, simply by touching a button on the remote. Using Auto Renewal Recording, the deck will automatically record favorite show every day or every week right onto the hard disk.

In addition to recording new video content, the DMR-HS2 lets you transfer favorite VHS recordings to durable, space-saving discs. You can easily archive, preserve, catalog, and access your movie libraries and family videos. Picture-enhancing technologies include 3D noise reduction, block noise reduction, and mosquito noise reduction. Store and view digital still photos through the built-in memory card slot, compatible with standard PC Card, SD Memory Card, CompactFlash Card, MultiMedia Card, Smart Media Card, and Memory Stick.

The recorder's DV input terminal and IEEE cable allow recording of digital images directly from a digital camcorder onto either a DVD-RAM or DVD-R. To simplify video editing, a feature called DV Automatic Recording automatically creates a playlist consisting of still images representing a sequence of scenes. High-speed recording from the hard disk to a DVD-RAM disc occurs at the touch of a button, give you up to 12x speed in the EP mode at its quickest--that is, it will burn a one-hour program in just 5 minutes. You may also record from a DVD-RAM disc to the hard drive.

When you've programmed a recording for a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc, the relief recording feature automatically checks to see if there's enough disc space remaining to complete the recording. If there isn't, the unit will record the program onto the hard disk to assure that it gets recorded in its entirety (provided there's sufficient hard-disk space available).

With the Direct Navigator you can instantly access recorded material from an onscreen menu that lists recording dates, times, channels, and titles. Finding and viewing recorded material is simple because there's no need to search, fast-forward, or rewind.

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