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Classic DVR1000 DVD Recordable / Player (Silver)

Classic DVR1000 DVD Recordable / Player (Silver)

List Price: $299.99
Your Price: $284.99
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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Give or take half a star!
Review: I would've given the Classic DVR1000 3 stars - but, after reading product reviews on even the most popular brand (and much more expensive) dvd recorders - I am very grateful that I purchased this system at this time. For the moment, it seems to be up to snuff with any brand out there. Take it or leave it. It has it's pros and cons - but, apparently they all do. So, until the day that one of these manufacturers REALLY, REALLY painstakingly troubleshoots all of the existing pangs out of present day recorders - this CLASSIC DVR1000 will suffice for anyone interested to purchase an inexpensive and fully functional DVD Recorder. I have had limited bad experiences so far. I've had to throw away a disk or three - but, from what I understand - so does everyone else! What gives??? I don't know. I do know that the DVD's I have created with this recorder were crisp even utilizing the 3 hour recording mode. Imagine! 4 Disney movies on 1 DVD! I did it from my VHS tapes. Can't tell the difference. If you want to spend more to get the same results - go right ahead. I wouldn't waste my money until they perfect the whole world of DVD recorders.

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