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'70s Soul Jam, Vol. 2

'70s Soul Jam, Vol. 2

List Price: $14.98
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Rating: 2 stars
Summary: SoulJammers Lack Jam!
Review: I purchased the 1st Soul Jam about 3 months ago and was so impressed by the performances i logged onto amazon and ordered number 2 soon after.What a differance half a concert makes.Most of the guys in the Dramatics seem ready to keel over at any moment and all seemed to have lost there voices.Cuba Gooding absolutely destroys Everybody Plays The Fool as he is every bit a fool on this one.As for the rest of the performance all lack the bravado and energy of the 1st C.D.Why is this one night show split into 3 D.V.D.'S.I'll tell u why,money,mulla,cashola.This could easily have been on one disc as all the top hits are on the 1st and best of the 3 D.V.D's so save your money and just pick up the 1st one.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Jw of B-more
Review: Upon receiveing this Dvd I placed it in my player and sat back to watch it.I was impressed with the performance of each group.I thought By purchasing This Dvd Without any other reviews that I would see Such entertainers as Skip mahoney & the Casuals,Black Ivory,Ebonys Some of the less Popular groups of the 70'sThis Dvd contains.Stylistics, Dramatics,Chi-lites,Delphonics,Harold Melvins's Bluenotes & cuba Gooding Jr.This dvd should included a history of each group as extra.

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