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Apple 10 GB iPod (M8976LL/A, April 2003 Version)

Apple 10 GB iPod (M8976LL/A, April 2003 Version)

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Rating: 1 stars
Summary: IPOD-Bad Product Not Ready for Consumer Market
Review: I got a new IPOD for Christmas. It turned out to be a nightmare from the beginning. My wife purchased it for use with a brand new PC and an ITRIP so it can be used in an automobile. Apple sells both products as an integrated system. It turned out that I could never get the ITRIP and IPOD to work together, contrary to Apple's claims. When I finally gave up and tried to return this product after Christmas, they wouldn't take it back. They claimed the problem had to be on the side of ITRIP (I've yet to confirm that), and they don't stand behind that vendor. Bottom line is they they have a 10 day return policy in the very small print somewhere on line (and no, the 800 No. salesman doesn't tell you that), and since my wife ordered this in early December they told me I had to keep it whether I wanted it or not. Also, they sold my wife on personalizing the IPOD (loving note on back) which was FREE. Turns out that once it is personalized, they won't take it back even if something is wrong with it (but they won't tell you that). Just to add to the horror show, they shipped it initially to the wrong address (after we had them read it back to us), and they forgot to mention that a special PC cable was required to work with a PC (and yes they were asked). I had to order the new cable after Christmas, so I didn't even get to turn the device on till after the first week of January. After spending 2 weeks trying to debug it, I gave up and tried to return it. You know the rest of the story. I started out my computer career on one of the early Apple computer's. Turns out this will be the last Apple product I ever buy. MY ADVICE: THESE PEOPLE SPECIALIZE IN SALES DECEPTION - BUY YOUR MUSIC PLAYER FROM A COMPANY THAT STANDS BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT!!!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: A lot of deceptive reviews!
Review: A great many of the reviews from PC users are deceptive.

1. Some of them are complaining about the custom engraving service. That service is NOT available from Amazon, so they're reviewing a product Amazon doesn't sell. That's deceptive for prospective Amazon customers.

2. Some are complaining about problems getting their PCs to work -- and at least two of the ones I saw were using the MusicMatch software to sync. (One even bought an upgrade to MusicMatch -- how much of a sucker do you have to be?) Um, Apple switched to using its own iTunes software for PCs OVER THREE MONTHS AGO, so anyone who's using terrible MusicMatch software for syncing shouldn't be. Can we really believe that they spent "hours" on the phone with tech support if they're not using iTunes (freely available at itunes.com), surely the first thing that tech support would tell them?

3. One person said that he didn't like the Apple font on the interface. Enough said.

4. Some are reviewing the 5GB first generation model, which came out OVER TWO YEARS AGO and was DISCONTINUED OVER A YEAR AGO. That's unfair and deceptive in a review for a new model.

5. Others are perpetuating the LIE that the battery isn't replaceable. (They got that email with the ipodsdirtysecret website.) Um, Apple has offered two options for quite some time: you can extend the full warranty at any time during the first year of ownership for $59, or you can get a replacement battery at any point after the warranty's expired for $99.

6. Some are writing one-star reviews saying the 10GB model has been replaced by a 15GB model for the same price. Um, why is that a one-star review? The 10GB iPod is still great, and may be available for a discounted price ($236). The fact that a new model has come out is NOT a reason to dissuade prospective buyers of the 10GB at such a low price. (An incredible deal, really.)

7. One person complained about sending an email to the Apple support site and is furious he hasn't gotten a reply. I'm fairly certain Apple doesn't offer email support. Misleading and deceptive. Apple does offer 800 number tech support as well as absolutely free "Genius Bar" tech support at the 60+ retail locations across the country, which is a pleasure to use.

8. Some complain about "sound quality". I think this a function of MP3 compression. (Or AAC compression, Dolby's format, which is supposed to be better.) iTunes gives you an option of higher quality rates if you'd like to, which I doubt these people have tried.

9. A lot of people are PC users whose machines are freezing on them. IMO, this is Microsoft's fault for making such a terrible product, vulnerable to spyware, viruses, worms, security holes. I'd bet almost all the people reporting problems with their machines have at least one of the aforementioned problems -- all of which are common in the Windows world and non-existent in the Apple one. Get a better computer, people!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: It works well
Review: It worked right out of the box. It is easy to use. The design is great.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: In a league of its own
Review: Apple 10 GB Ipod from a Windows User


Lithium Ion Battery: Actually lasts as long as Apple says it does.
20 EQ Settings: You can really tell a difference!
Downloading and Syncing music is E-Z: It automatically updates when connected.
Backlight: Very bright and cool. White screen and red buttons.
Playlists: Pretty useful when you have a lot of songs and don't want to spend time looking for ones you want to hear.


Firewire Charging: For Win users.... If you use 4 pin for firewire, your IPOD will NOT charge during syncing. Either purchase the docking station and/or the USB 2.0 + Firewire cable, allows you to plug the into USB and your AC adapter.

Deleting and Creating using IPOD alone: I don't think you can delete songs or make playlists without your computer.

Case/Sleeve Protector not included: The Ipod scratches pretty easily. I suggest buying a case very soon after buying one.

All in all a player above players. Reliable, easy, and extremely fashionable. The buttons are very sensitive, which is great sometimes and rather annoying others. Don't let the $299 sticker price stop you from buying one because you won't regret it!

Rating: 5 stars
Review: I got this 10gb ipod for christmas and I am so amazed. This is the best mp3 availible on the market. I'm a PC owner and it works almost flawlessly. Some people have trouble with PC's, but just make sure you have a firewire port, if you don't then you might have to buy an adapter for a USB 2.0. I also recommend downloading iTunes, an excellent program that is much easier to use than musicmatch jukebox, the software that comes with the computer. You can download iTunes from www.apple.com. 10gb of music is more than enough. I really don't see how you would ever need 20gb or 40gb. Note that ipod doesnt support wma format, but who cares. WMA is lower quality anyway. I recommend buying a case for this because the back can get scratched easily. Another thing I like about the iPod is the headphones. They look like regular bud headphones but the bass is great. They are surprisingly loud.
It's very easy to be pleased with the iPod. Its so small and light, it makes all other mp3/cd players look bulky and weak. The iPod is good for people with large cd collections and fast computers, or people who download a lot. Otherwise other mp3 players or cd players are cheaper and better for you. But if you have lots of music and have a computer then the iPod is the best you can get.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: I found this 10 gb ipod for 150$!!
Review: Im not joking. Email me at yoshisk8er14@aol.com and i will send you the link. Thanks!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Elegant and Simple
Review: Although I'm a PC person, I have to appreciate Apple's commitment to quality. For a piece of equipment this advanced, it is amazingly simple to operate. The face has no moving parts; instead, the heat from your fingers activates the different buttons.
In this updated model there is room for a couple hundred CDs and (supposedly) the issue regarding battery life has been resolved.
Possible issues: You must own an Apple or PC computer as this is the only way to upload your music onto the iPod. This model only comes with a Firewire cable; a USB adaptor is extra. Also, any songs that you keep on your iPod must be stored on your computer. This last issue is only a problem if you are running a computer with limited harddrive space (e.g. <10gb).
Besides these small problems, my iPod has given me hours of pleasure. One recommendation is the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter. This allows you to play music from your iPod over any FM radio. This item runs about $35 and can be purchased on Amazon.com or on Apple's website.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: This is very expensive but worth it
Review: this is so cool. i got one for crhistmas and loved it. i have about 529 songs on mine because i get all of my songs from my schools media room. the teacher is devoted to apple brand software, computers, acsseories, and speakers. this is very cool and the songs are cheap. theres just one problem, when listening to loud songs, you should turn it down because for a small item, this can be hered from a room away when left playing and at max voloume! and it moves alone when its loud! but it is good and it has a cool backlight so when your in the dark, the screen lights up and so do the buttons. it dsiplays the time, date, and it has a photo and video slot and you can keep your scedhual. it also has games like brick and solitare. it also has a special game where it takes all of your songs and makes a music quiz where it gives you 90 seconds of a song and a list of songs for you to pick and get right. this is the only game that you can't listen to a song while playing. the back has it's own licences number and the logo. it has an area for your settings and your ipod's identity(a.k.a your name, tis number, the amount of songs it currently contains,, and the amonut of space you have left and how much is used. pretty cool right! thanks!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Sweet!
Review: When mp3 players came out I was fairly dissapointed until I discovered the iPods. Apple makes the absolutely top of the line mp3 player on the markey. Yeah, you can go buy a mp3 player for a fraction of the cost, but you'll also get a fraction of the quality.

The new iPod minis are great, but I'm still using my good old 10 gig iPod and it hasn't let me down yet. The batteries last practically 4ever, and it's durable and cool looking to.

A note to anyone trying to decide on size: don't automatically buy the biggest iPod just because it's the biggest. Chances are you're never going to use all of the space. One of the best ways to utilize the Pod is to put all your favorite music on it and then just set it to randomly shuffle between songs. You can't do this if you have a couple of gigs of the good stuff and 38 gigs of junk...

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Disregaurd all one or zero stars...
Review: The iPod 10 Giga-Bytes. These Guys know how to do the music business! The iPod Has a VERY sleek design for your pockets and case.(I Strongly suggest the case...)With the iPod you can make the huge piles of CD's from the 80's into little AAC Files (Mp4 files). This Helped me and my father.
I got My iPod after my original Mp3 player broke,(it was some wierd hard drive player the size of a brick.) and I have NEVER regreted it. Just using this program may result in: Mac Fever, buying pepsi just for the iTunes lid, thinking or dreaming about a brand new iMac or iPods.
Anywho, You Should buy this! Just keep it away from any electrical devices that include: Van de graff generators, The Ball Things That Have the sparks inside it. it messes with the touch buttons.

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