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Sony Ericsson T637 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)

Sony Ericsson T637 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)

List Price: $199.99
Your Price: $44.99
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  • Built-in CommuniCam Digital Camera
  • Bluetooth enabled; Infrared support
  • Wireless Village Instant Messaging client - Yahoo, AOL, and ICQ supported
  • Alarm clock with snooze, Automatic Answer, Calculator, Calendar with up to 500 entries
  • Includes phone, earbud and travel charger.


The Sony Ericsson T637 features a built-in digital camera, multimedia messaging, polyphonic ringtones, and tons of ways for you to personalize its look and feel. Quality materials and a large and super-clear color display give this phone its sophisticated personality, and the T637 features a bright, super clear TFT screen with 65,536 colors. It offers high contrast, saturated colors, and a fast response time that's optimal for displaying games and other moving content.

Calling Features
The T637 is a phone without a backside. When you want to make a call, you use the phone side. Turn the phone around, and there's the camera side. When you're calling, you'll enjoy essential features like redial, vibrating alert, speed dialing, and side volume keys, as well as choice extras like sleep mode, menu shortcuts, keypad lock, SIM card lock, voice control, and status view.

Messaging and Internet
The T637 offers chat-like functionality. The Java-based (and operator-dependent) instant-messaging client lets you remain online even when you're not in front of your PC. Create your own personalized buddy list and send instant messages to your friends--you'll see who's online and who's not.

Multimedia messaging (MMS) lets you compose your messages using images, sounds and text. QuickShare, meanwhile, lets you share content with other devices, other phones, even your computer--just drag and drop pictures from your PC to your phone.

Bluetooth capability lets you connect, wirelessly, to a headset, a laptop, a PDA, or another Bluetooth phone, and users of Apple computers can synchronize their calendars and contact information with the T637 using iSync, Apple's free synchronization software.

As an organizer, the phone offers features like code memo, calculator, business card exchange, calendar, tasks, contacts, memory dynamic, phone book, conference calls, PIM sync, and call list. Integral to the organizer is its clock, which includes a stopwatch, an alarm, and a handy timer.

Cameras, Fun, and Games
The camera couldn't be easier: just 1 click to activate it and another to take a picture. That's it. Then you're ready to save and send your picture to anywhere in the world using QuickShare. Want to view your pictures on your computer screen? The T637 can automatically enlarge pictures to VGA size (480 x 640 pixels). Software included in the phone recalculates picture size without sacrificing quality.

And, mobile gaming has never looked better than on the T637's high quality screen. Force and sound feedback guarantees full-throttle fun. The T637 comes with a variety of embedded games, including the legendary racing game V-Rally 2, and many more are available for download.

Create your own ringtone with the built-in MusicDJ using a library of pre-loaded instruments, rhythms, and melodies. Further, the phone's 32-voice polyphonic ringtones make your incoming calls sound like music to your ears. Use the ringtones you find in your phone or download new ones.

Vital Statistics
The phone measures 4.02 x 1.69 x 0.67 inches (102mm x 43mm x 17mm) and weighs a typically light 3.26 ounces (92g). The T637 is a triple-band 850/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS phone. Internet settings include WAP 2.0, cHTML, a modem, OTA settings, and WTLS. You'll get 9 hours of talk time and 300 hours (12.5 days) of standby time. The phone comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

In the Box
Phone, SIM card, battery, charging cord, a user's manual, and warranty information.

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