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A Life Less Ordinary

A Life Less Ordinary

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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Funny dark comedy, w/ a quirky sense of style
Review: Ewan McGregor is fab, whatever he does. (Except maybe Phantom Menace.) He's a wonderful actor. Just had to get that out of the way. ^_^

I've heard this movie compared to Dogma, in the way that it's appeal varies dramaticlly, depending on what kind of person you are. It can either be very funny and witty, or too weird for certain tastes. The best way to tell if you like it, would be to watch it, and find out ^_^

This movie has some of my favorite quotes ever, (besides Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion...^_~) "If you don't pay up, I'm going to send your daughter home in... in boxes! Little boxes!" And once again, our beloved Ewan tries his hand at singing... a little 50's diner number with Cameron Diaz, in which they dance on the bar top.

This movie is not at all realistic. In fact, that's most of it's appeal. At the end of the movie, there is a clay-animation in which Ewan and Cameron Diaz fly away to Scotland in a little car. Realistic? I think not. But seeing the clay version of Ewan McGregor, (as well as all of the central charachters,) generates enough of a laugh to let you walk away with that fuzzy warm feeling. And as a dark comedy, it's a great way to end the movie.

Don't listen to cynics - definatley give this movie a chance!! ^_^

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: The chemistry works
Review: I don't understand why the critics slammed this movie so hard. Granted, the framing plot with the two evil angels is really, really stupid. But I can ignore that because the give-and-take between Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz is so funny, so charming, so perfectly acted. They work so well together, with Diaz as the spoiled-brat rich girl and McGregor is a sweet guy so bumbling he doesn't even know how to commit a crime properly and Diaz has to teach him. And check out the song-and-dance number where McGregor turns into a Broadway showman! The soundtrack music is great, too, especially R.E.M.'s "Leave." When I rented this movie last summer, I loved it so much I watched it four times in three days. I finally got my own copy for Christmas, and now I can watch it as much as I want. I suggest you add it to your video collection, too, so you can pull it off the shelf whenever you want to watch a fun, romantic comedy.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Fun, Fun!!
Review: I absolutely adore this movie!! It's definately in my top ten, maybe even my top five! ^.^ It's just sooo cute, sweet, funny and twisted. ^.~
The character Robert is a completely loveable loser who only wanted his job back, and Celine is just such a wildchild brat that it works. ^_____________^ Great fun.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Did you read the name of this movie ?
Review: Did you read the name of this movie ? And this is , what it all about . Just a little hope ... for life to be less ordinary ! Not a black comedy , not a dark humor ! Just a very funny , and very romantic comedy !
I can se a reviewer , with pen and paper , watching it and putting all the floes down , then giving it a 2-3 stars ?! Relax! Just watch it and enjoy it , as much as I did .
St. Gabriel sending 2 nasty angels back to Earth to help a porter ( Ewan McGregor ) to fell in love with a rich nobody ( Cameron Diaz ). Nothing going right , of couse . And this is the best part . Falling angels are getting nasty in there frastration to get this 2 together... This is so much fun !Don't miss it !
PS : The last few minutes of the movie is even better , than a movie itself . And I LOVE the music to .

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Normally I don't like romantic comedies
Review: But this one was just great! I rented it for a movie party with the Boyle-MacDonald team as the theme (already loved Trainspotting and Shallow Grave), and all the guests loved it too.

The video store called it drama, but whoever made that classification obviously didn't watch it. We couldn't stop laughing! We had to watch the ransom call scene over again so we could hear it!

I don't have much of an opinion of Cameron Diaz (the only other movie I've seen her in is The Mask), but I think she did well. If the movie were 10 years older, Michelle Pfeiffer would have gotten her role. Ewan McGregor, I love, and this movie is definitely worthy of his talent. The costume department went out of their way to make him look silly but he was still too cute for words. And watching his character get deeper and deeper over his head really drew me in.

About the only beef I have with this movie is they never explained why some Scottish kid is working as a janitor in California, but it was good enough that I really didn't care.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Somehow It Works
Review: When thinking about my review, I was trying to come up with why I love this movie so much and can't really. The acting is wonderful, I suppose that's the main reason. However, the storyline doesn't really do much for me. It was definitely less ordinary, but there was just something lacking. However, the humor and acting do make up for it, and I would definitely recommend you see this.

Ewan McGregor is simply wonderful as Robert, a somewhat confused guy just trying to hold down a life. After being dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his job as a janitor (to be replaced by robots) all in the same day, he's had enough and decides to take matters into his own hands. Soon he is in the head of the company's office, threatening him. But, as luck would have it, the boss' daughter was there meeting with him. This eventually turns into Celine (Cameron Diaz) being kidnapped and taken to a remote cabin. All sounds wonderful: except for the fact that Robert has no idea what he's doing. As I said before, Ewan does a superb job of playing such an unprepared, clueless character. While I'm not much of a Cameron fan, I will admit she was perfect for the part of the non-feeling spoiled brat. Overall, they save this movie. Make sure to check it out soon!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: The makes of a terrible movie, but, hey, it's good!
Review: The plot of this movie is terrible, the angels really bring this film down. It's amazing this movie ever got made, it's completely unrealistic with nothing really to lift it up. Senseless violence, an impossible love story and just the overall makings of a terrible movie. So why the 4 stars? Somehow, this movie redeems itself. It's funny, it's creative and Ewan's character is absolutely fantastic. You really get to like Cameron (whom I usually hate) and Ewan's characters. I am a huge Ewan McGregor fan and this is one of my favorite characters that he's done. He's adorable and funny - the ransom part is hilarious. I found this movie charming and fun, though I'd never expect I would.

Overall, a stupid movie, but some brilliant ideas and fabulous characters. Once you get over the angels and their odd ways to bring the two together, it turns out to be not half bad. You really hate some characters, but love others. But the best part of this movie? All I want from any movie - Ewan McGregor in a kilt. Enough said.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: "Somewhere beyond the sea.."
Review: This is a great movie! It is one of my favorite movies probabaly because I've never seen one like it. The movie opens in heaven where two people (angels..whatever) are given a mission to join man and woman in eternal bliss. And if they fail, they don't return.

Robert (Ewan McGregor) is fired from his job as a janiter. After threatening to kill his boss if he doesn't give it back, he resorts to kidnapping his rich daughter, Celine (Cameron Diaz).

As the story unfolds, Celine finds herself teaching Robert more about kidnapping than he even thought, and they end up being in it together.

The mission is a success....so far..

A wonderful storyline with brilliant acting by McGregor and Diaz. This movie has it all: love, hate, miracles, lying, stealing and so on.

Great photography and an excellent soundtrack! It's definatley worth your money!!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Great acting. 16th april 2004.
Review: Hard to explain it but i loved it. There are better films though. The actors were great for there parts thats one thing.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Funny and Sweet
Review: This is one of the most offbeat films I've seen in a very long time. I agree with most everyone else who reviewed this movie. "A Life Less Ordinary" is Extra-ordinary!

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