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Apple 10 GB iPod (M8740LL/A, July 2002 Version)

Apple 10 GB iPod (M8740LL/A, July 2002 Version)

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Best MP3 Player Today
Review: There is nothing more to say about the iPod than that it's freakin' awesome. Buy one.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The Greatest Electronic Item Ever!
Review: As soon as I heard about the incredibly large storage capicity on Apple's iPod series of MP3 players, I wanted one. I needed one. I just had to save up the cash to but one. And when I did, the iPod did not dissapoint. This compact but powerful digital audio player puts all others to shame. This version can hold up to 10 GB's of music, something like 2200 songs, give or take. It organizes, automatically, the songs into albums, genre, and artists. Although you can only use the digital jukebox that comes with the player to arrange your playlists and download songs to the iPod, you can still create dozens of specific playlists for whatever mood you're in. Where other large capacity MP3 players are bulky, the iPod fits easily into a pocket, and the 10GB and 20GB versions come with their own cases with a belt attachment. Also included are a remote for switching songs and a FireWire cord for use in transferring the music and charging the litium-ion battery. That's right-no extra battery's to buy, it's rechargable too.

The only problems are that the iPod is only adaptable to Windows 2000 and above. Win 98 users will have to upgrade to use it. Also, the digital jukebox the iPod uses to manage your songs and playlist on your computer is full of flaws if you want to do more than just arrange the playlists and transfer songs. Finally, you need a FireWire card, not a USB 2 port, to transfer the music. All in all though, if you want the highest quality playback and the largest capacity available in the smallest size, the iPod is still the best way to go. It can hook up to your stereo system and eliminate the need to change CD's at a party. Maybe someday it can raise your children. It is easily the greatest consumer electronic product ever. I love my iPod. Go buy one now.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: A MUST HAVE!!!
Review: If you are a true music fan (like I am), the iPod is a MUST HAVE. Pricey yes, but the amount of music you can store on it as opposed to lugging around all your cd's makes it worthwhile. It goes everywhere with me. I wholeheartedly give it 5 stars for the sheer love of my iPod. Buy one. YOU NEED IT!

Here are some helpful hints:

1) Use ephpod. (ephpod.com) Don't bother with Musicmatch at all. It is the BIGGEST waste of time.

2) To avoid scratches buy a case. I went to ipodlounge.com and read the reviews of the different cases available and picked one (xtrememac). There are lots to choose from depending on what you like. PROTECT THE ONE YOU LOVE. ;)

3) iPod isn't just for earphones. I got an iRock wireless adapter as a present and now I can listen to my iPod anywhere! (in the car, on my home stereo...etc.)

4) Obviously get a firewire pci card...downloads the music to your iPod in a flash.

So in conclusion, BUY AN IPOD. You won't regret it.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Apple IPOD: A Perfect Display of MP3 Player Excellence!
Review: ...The IPOD comes in a very appealing packaging. Small and lightweight, yet with all of the necessities. Immediately, I plugged my IPOD into my computer, knowing that it would both transfer my songs and charge. I already had MusicMatch on my computer so I didn't need to reinstall it. Despite the negative reviews, the MusicMatch software IS helpful and easy to use. A screen will come up giving instructions, but if not, simply choose "Send to Portable Device" under FILE. After installing the IPOD device, MusicMatch instructs you to choose the songs wanted. When completed, the songs will transfer and IPOD will charge. Between fully charging and downloading 450 songs, the transfer took 8 minutes. I disconnected my IPOD and began to customize settings and scroll through my library. The browse feature is very easy to use and helps find songs quickly. While playing a song, you can also use other features in the background. The sound quality of the IPOD was clear and CD quality. The headphones, though not the most comfortable, were still usable. The remote and case also are very handy and stylish.

After owning two MP3 players, and putting in much consideration to buying the IPOD, I give it an A+ and 5 stars! The IPOD is the best MP3 by far in its league and worth every penny.

Rating: 1 stars
Review: I loved my ipod, for however long the battery lasted, but as i began charging it and leaving it until my next use, it began depleting its own battery without any use. It has now been 3 weeks, and my iPod holds a full charge for about an hour WITH OUT TURNING IT ON! My only choice is to return my iPod to Apple, and they want MONEY!! even though it is still in the warrenty. I Highly recommend opting for another mp3 player, as this one costs more than mosts, offers great everything but battery. If you always have a plug within 2 feet of you, you might not have this problem, but for most of us, the point of this is to take us AWAY from plugs, and computers.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Simply The Best!
Review: I'm a 40 something guy who had not been listening much to my music. That's all changed since I got my iPod! I take it with me in the car and whem I travel (and I have to travel a lot for business). I'm remembering how much I enjoy music!

I've been transferring my CD collection onto the the iPod. I have over 700 songs on it so far and I'm not even 50% full! I have the Mac version (I have an iMac at home) and the interface with iTunes3 is incredible. It's easy to manage your playlists and even transfer equalizer settings to the iPod. You do have to have some patience, the slowest activity is loading your CDs into your computer... after they're in, the firewire connection moves them to the iPod in short order.

I even purchased a couple of new CD's (something that I had not done in over 5 years!) - See, music industry, these can be good for your business!

Apple hit a home run with this product!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Durable
Review: Last night I was out, and I dropped my 5gb Ipod down a flight of concrete stairs. It was in a leather case, but I felt for sure I had just destroyed it. I picked it up, and it wouldn't turn on initally, but once I performed a hard reset, it started up just fine, no songs lost or anything. I was very impressed, no other MP3 player, especially one with a hard drive, is this durable.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Get an i pod
Review: This i pod is awsome it is the greatest mp3 player on the market. I have had it for a year and i still havent come close to filling up 2,000 songs. I pod can also almost double as a plam pilot with its contact lists and calenders. and in your spare time when your not listening to music you can play games. the redesigned scroll wheel allows you to to easly direct youre i pod and its less senstive to dirt and dust and sand. in short get a apple i pod and i think its worth the extra money to get the 10gb

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: A centerpiece of my electronics
Review: My review is mostly on the general egineering and physical quality of the product.

I would not be surprised if the iPod design team sat down in a circle before they started and asked "what characteristics would the ultimate mp3 player have?" You can tell this was their line of thinking, just by holding an iPod. Beauty. Simplicity. Quality construction. Innovative. Intuituve.

Serisouly, this thing is first rate.

Not flimsy like most electronics you buy, this thing is built like an expensive gourmet kitchen appliance, but very small and compact at the same time. I was suprised how small it was, I thought it was going to be bigger. The casing is stainless steel chrome, the top looks like a sheet of plexiglass (not flimsy clear plastic like the top of a calculator)... plexiglass as in those plastic bricks people would put Joe Montana's rookie card in. Its beautiful.

The firmware is very simple and well designed too, easy to navigate. The solid state wheel is awesome, kind of like a track pad. The navigation of the menus is incredibly intuitve and easy. I recommend going to apple's website and watching their iPod promo video. Its give you a good feel for the product if you can't actually find one to try out in a store.

Overall, you can tell people spent a great deal of time engineering this thing, planning it out, and it shows, truly surpassing one's expectations of traditional manufactured electronics.

The firewire is very fast, I couldn't imagine using USB, which some of the other large storage mp3 players use. I can transfer a TON of songs in a minute. Personally I think the firewire is a must if you are going to buy an Mp3 player that can hold Gigs of data.

It can also be used as a portable hardrive for data files, software, etc.

MusicMatch (PC users only) is okay, but there are plently of freeware iPod clients you can get off the internet that have more advanced features. So, if you don't like MusicMatch you can just try something else.

It's very expensive, but as they say, "you get what you pay for!" I bought it as a Christmas present to myself after I got a bonus from work, which made the cost a little easier to justify. As a relative used to tell me after giving me christmas money as a kid, "Go buy something nice for yourself."

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: almost perfect MP3 player
Review: The only problem I've had with it is the pouch with a belt clip that came with it broke(I'm kind of hard on things). As for the actual iPods durability I'm totally amazed, I've dropped it several times(I meant to baby it, but I end up using it to much). Battery/Storage/Size make the iPod great.

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