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Apple 10 GB iPod (M8740LL/A, July 2002 Version)

Apple 10 GB iPod (M8740LL/A, July 2002 Version)

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Wonderful Product!!
Review: Whatelse do I have to say about this pretty iPod?
Easy to use, pretty to look, light to handle, easy to carry, and can have thousands of songs in this little iPod!
I had used it for 2 months and never regret for this wonderful product made by APPLE Company. I relly enjoy and love it!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The best MP3 player money can buy
Review: As of this month, this is the third MP3 player I have bought in the last 2 years and this is by far the last one I will buy! I originally had a Creative Nomad Jukebox but was not happy. Slow connection speeds etc etc. But once I bought the Ipod, I have been thrilled. Super fast downloading speeds, great scroll wheel, the size alone is enough to make anyone drool! But one bad note, the battery life, they do claim 10 hours, which it can easily do. But, when you are not using it for more then 2 or 3 days, the battery for some random reason drains, and you must charge it again. Other then that, it is by far the best MP3 money can buy!

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Once the Battery wears out, iPod = expensive paperweight
Review: iPod has set the standard for HD-based MP3 players.It's swank design and ease-of-use are outstanding. It's only negatives are lack of universal interface (u need a firewire card), inability to queue songs "on-the-fly", and the pricetag(!)

Oh, and there is that one overriding design flaw. IT'S BATTERY IS NON-REPLACEABLE. The battery is a special lithium-polymer battery tested to last 500 cycles (or charges). So, depending on your mileage, within 1-3 years, the battery on your iPod will be unable to hold a charge: bye-bye portable bliss, hello very expensive paperweight.

This is something you should consider before purchasing an iPod. If you go to discussion.info.apple.com and go to the iPod Usage messageboard (you need to register), you'll find alot of disgruntled customers posting their battery-related problems. Also it appears that with the latest firmware, there have been a rash of problems with iPods losing their battery charge when idle.

On the bright side, even when the battery goes kaput, you can still use the iPod with AC Adapter, and you can still use it as a portable mass storage device. It is also possible that sometime in the future, Apple may start a battery-replacement plan, though so far they have been hush-hush about the whole issue. Another option is to purchase some kind of 3rd party warranty.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Fantastic MP3 Player
Review: Having read many reviews on the iPod, I couldn't agree more with the overall consensus that this unit is one fantastic MP3 player. Having never owned an apple product before I was skeptical how easy would the iPod interface with Windows: From the momenent you take it out of it package you sense this player is way ahead of it comeptitors. It is extremely easy to connect and install to your PC. Very User friendly and has the absolute best sound.

I purchased the 10MB unit and take it everywhere with me. The Battery will last all day (Of continous use and charges to full capacity in 15min) along with an inexpensive CD to tape adapter for your car, you can carry your entire CD Collection on the road.
I have over 760 songs and still have 6MB Free!

If you are thinking about an MP3 player, trust the reviews, the iPod will not disappoint you.

Rating: 2 stars
Summary: Still a few bugs in the iPod
Review: Elegant device. Unfortunately it is not quite ready for prime time from my persepective.

I bought the iPod specifically for the ability to store and listen to long books and shows from Audible.com. To my dismay I discovered that there is a bug in the 1.2.1 firmware for the Windows iPod that causest the bookmarks to be erased every time I connect the iPod to my PC. This renders the device useless for listening to anything from Audible longer than 30 minutes as I would have to manually write down my location in each book that I am listening too. No thanks.

Then I learned today that there is another bug that causes the battery to drain completely when the iPod is just sitting unused for a few days. Not the kind performance I expect from a piece of electronics. It looks like I will be returning this one.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Simply the Best / MP3 Player or Object D'art?
Review: I have been waiting almost a year for a windows compatible iPod after returning my Archos 6000 last Christmas (not up to my standards of quality). Well worth the wait. It is not only an object of beauty but a well crafted and executed piece of hardware. The sound quality is great and it is just the right size and weight. Is it perfect? Well no, there are software issues that don't seem to exist in the Mac format due to the highly rated iTunes. But despite it's inferior PC interface (MMJB), it is still the best game in town for the PC. Well worth the price. I can easily find fault in electronics and most usually do. The iPod is as good as it gets. If you can fork over the bucks you won't be disappointed and you will be envied by all who see it.
If you are having battery drain problems try updating the firmware at the Apple website to the latest version 1.21 and do not set the clock on the ipod.
I also had a connection problem with my remote, Apple had a new one in my hands the next day!! Great customer service.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Fabulous Device!
Review: My daughter received the IPod (Windows) as a birthday gift. Upon solving all the obvious installation requirements (host adapter, drivers conflicts, etc), we got it easily installed. This is a SUPERB product. In less than 5 minutes, 683 songs got transferred to the IPod! The sound is awesome! I even plugged to the cassette player in my car and everyone was able to enjoy the great sound. Now I'm checking to see if I can transfer my Palm Pilot data to the IPod. It has been really hard to stay away from this toy. I wish it was NOT sooo expensive, so I can purchase one for myself. For now...I'm planning to be EXTREMLY nice to my daughter so she can share it with me. Definitely a 5 star product! Good job Apple!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Dear Daniel Telfer and SKIPPING PROBLEM
Review: The reason why Apple decided to use firewire instead of usb is simply because usb is not fast enough to load 5g,10g or 20g of songs to ipod ( even usb 2.0 is nothing compared to firewire).
Firewire card is not that costly. Althought it costs you extra money, but it is worth it. About the skipping music problem with ipod, I found these documents from apple.com .
These documents are from faq of ipod.
Question 10: Can I use iPod while running, or doing other activities? Will my music skip?

Answer: iPod was designed for people with an active lifestyle. It is compact and lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go. It was designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand or to be slipped into a pocket or purse for easy transport. iPod offers up to 20 minutes of skip protection - twice that of other hard drive-based MP3 players on the market - so you can enjoy outdoor athletic activities without missing a beat.

Question 11: How does iPod provide skip protection?

Answer: In addition to the hard drive, iPod has a 32 MB memory cache. The cache is made up of solid-state memory, meaning that it has no mechanical or moving parts, so it is not affected by movement of the device. iPod skip protection works by preloading up to 20 minutes of music to the cache at a time. iPod plays music from the memory cache rather than the hard drive, so even rigorous activities won't cause music to skip.

Even though Apple company is telling us about 20min skip protection, I bet if you shake really hard enough it could skip songs hahaha!! nah.. Don't do that. Don't abuse your little cuttie ipod.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: iPOD vs. Creative Zen
Review: I purchased both a Zen and a 10 GB iPOD a few days ago. Bottom line is that the Zen is being sent back and I am keeping the iPOD.

I bought the Zen because it was significantly lower priced for the 20 GB size. I had previously owned a Creative Nomad II and liked it. The zen only measures slightly larger than iPOD, but it is a significant difference. On the Zen, the control buttons are along both sides. It was too large hold the Zen and control it all with one hand. The Zen was too large and heavy to put in my shirt pocket. I like to sit at my desk and listen to music. I keep the player in my shirt pocket because it is easy to get to, and I don't accidentally pull it off my desk. In addition, the screen is smaller on the Zen, and it chopped off a lot of the file names. Finally, the Zen's menu system is quite a bit harder to use.

The iPOD is easy to use with one hand, the menu system is easy to use, and it sounds great. Several reviews had mentionned that the PC SW Music Match was very difficult to use and has some problems. I didn't have any of these major issues. I had a slight issue with the song tags, but it was pretty easy to fix. I currently have about 3 GB of music, so it fits nicely on the 10 GB iPOD with room to grow. I wish the iPOD played WMA files, but I will recode my music due to the iPOD's ease of use. I only gave the iPOD a 4 star because of the lack of WMA support.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: iPod is awesome. Musicmatch is horrible.
Review: First of all, do not listen to the reviewer who suggested using Musicmatch 7.2, it will not work. In the words of Musicmatch's own website: "The most recent version of MUSICMATCH Jukebox 7.2 does not work with the iPod, as it was available before Apple released the new iPod.". Indeed, if you try installing it(as I did), you will probably screw up your installation enough that even after uninstalling 7.2 and re-installing 7.1, it will not completely work anymore.

Really, this is par for the course, as Musicmatch is a horrible piece of software, and is the sole reason why I docked 2 stars from this review. I won't do a full review of why Musicmatch is so bad, but suffice it to say that the two most common acts performed with the iPod (transferring music and manipulating playlists) are made dramatically *more* difficult with Musicmatch than they could be with practically any other method.

The iPod hardware, on the other hand, is a dream. The design is just as sleek as it looks, the sound quality is very nice, and it really feels like a quality piece of electronics. The headphone cord is nice and long, which makes it nice for sticking in a backpack while listening to it, and while I thought that the old movable wheel on the front had a better feel, I think that the new static wheel feels a lot sturdier. I like the fact that it is smaller/lighter than every other hard-drive based MP3 player out there.

The software ON the iPod is decent, it works well enough for choosing and playing songs. It isn't perfect, but not bad enough to really complain about, and it gets the job done.

Overall, I would have given the iPod 5 stars, except for the awful software (which is important with a product like this), so I can only give it 3 stars. If you're thinking about getting an iPod, I would suggest either waiting until they come out with better software, or perhaps looking into getting another piece of software to work with your iPod. I have heard that XPlay is nice, but I haven't tried it personally.

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