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Apple 10 GB iPod (M8740LL/A, July 2002 Version)

Apple 10 GB iPod (M8740LL/A, July 2002 Version)

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Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Let me just say--WOW!
Review: Being fascinated by the new Technologies I have now purchased 4 mp3 players. I started small with a 64mb Classic which worked very well but 64mb is restricting. I advanced upwards but finally on the advice of a friend got the ipod. Besides the obvious huge memory sizes available, it is so sleek and slick that is just a thrill to hold and look at. It is easy to use, easy to download to, and fast with the firewire. It's 10 hrs of battery time and other features make it the "bomb". Thanks to Apple for such a great product...i love it!

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: From a new MP3 user
Review: First, I have been into portable music machines since the first Sony Walkman. Mostly, I use these for exercise activities with preference on running. As the tape players got smaller, enjoyment improved. CD players added quality and selection speed, but all that I tried were prone to skip after only a few minutes (including those that claimed to have the gimmicky g-force). The mini-disc players added great improvement, but I thought the MP3 players would be better with faster download.

I agree with most of the reviews about the limitations about the IPOD use of MusicMatch because you're never sure if its downloading or what its downloading. But my major flaw is the reliability of the IPOD for brisk exercise activity: walking, jogging or running. I have only used my IPOD on 5 occaisions for these purposes since I opened it 3 weeks ago. But on almost every occaision the IPOD freezes up. Just like a computer does. This is extremely frustrating when you are into your exercise routine and you have to stop to reset. Another problem relates to the booklet. It is extremely limited (almost useless) in explaining operating procedures and downloading.

As far as the music quality and sound, they are tremendous - the best I've heard. The amount of music it can store is also a plus. But if you plan on using it during exercise, the freezing up thing makes me recommend you look at other devices before you consider the IPOD.

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: What a nightmare ! Don't do it !
Review: After much research - I took the plunge - and plucked down [money] for this thing. What a mistake ! Musicmatch software syncing to IPOD was awful - with dropouts - and transfers in which you had no idea whether the songs were transferring or not. There is no visble indicator of song transfer ! Then I tried Ephpod after reading some reviews - it just caused XP to freeze. Believe me, I put computers together as a hobby - and this thing was a big mistake. Don't spend your money ! Poor software & too expensive - even with the 10GB ! I'm returning mine - last Apple I ever own !

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: The mp3 player I've been waiting for...
Review: Wow - I love my iPod. I haven't worked on Macs in years so I guess I forgot how cool Apple's products are. Even the packaging is well designed. The iPod is easy to navigate and I love the touchwheel. It only took about 40 minutes to transfer 9gigs of files to the iPod from a Startech PCMCIA card on my laptop - clearly superior to any USB connection I've seen. (Note that the iPod does not charge from a PCMCIA Firewire connection, though as it would from a PCI Firewire card; you have to charge it with the adapter that comes with the iPod.)

I did spend a long time using the ID3 tag features in Musicmatch (included with the PC iPod). You'll want to have all your ID3 tags updated, or have playlists already built before transferring music since the iPod stores the files using the tags, NOT the file names. File names are pretty irrelevant to the iPod, and it doesn't care about the folders on your PC.

I got a couple different case for it since it would scratch easily. The Action Jacket ( a neoprene case) is a little to big for this new version of the 10gig iPod, but it has a nice swivel belt clip. I also got the iGlove case without belt clip since it slides into a jacket pocket a lot easier than neoprene. Both are well designed cases.

I use a pair of Sony EX-70LP earphones with it and it sounds just great! The Apple earbuds didn't fit my ears right and the Sony's are super comfortable to me. All in all this is the coolest thing I've owned in a long time. Highly recommended!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: A technical marvel
Review: This is a very well designed and thought out device. Apple has done an exceptional job designing the ipod.I can download nearly 2GIG of MP3 files to the ipod in 10-15 min thru the firewire connection.The sound is great and the controls are very functional. The enclosed software is the musicmatch jukebox and it works ok but the mac version uses imusic software which works better. EphPod is a software jukebox for the ipod and the windows version of this is much better than the music match jukebox.Try ephpod.com to get this software.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Best MP3 player ever built
Review: Don't listen to any of the other negative reviews. This MP3 player is the best. But I must say Music Match really stinks, but there is a simple solution. Downlod ephpod it is really cool and loks like I tunes 3 for mac OSX. One more minor downer is that if you try to press too many buttons, the IPOD will overload, causing it to "freeze." However all you have to do is reset the IPOD.
So the to MINOR problems above (eventually solved by firmware and software updates) are really minor. And with this Mp3 Player you get bang for your buck!

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: Battery Charge a major flaw: Be careful before you buy
Review: I love all the features of the I-Pod except for one very
important one: the battery charge. Apple says you should get
8-10 hours from each full charge, but this is patently untrue.
Or maybe they mean continuously, because if you want to use it for say an hour at a time over a few days, you'll get no more than 4 hours of play out of every 4 hour re-charge. This makes it a lot less practical, and I won't even go into how long this battery will last--so far I've read about it lasting only about 500 charges, which means mine will easily be dead forever in about a year. I paid too much money for only a year's use!

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: Great item
Review: Bought this for my wife for christmas, and she loves it (and so do I). It's a little pricey, but any apple product is. The interface is outstanding and well thought out. I'm still out to lunch on whether or not that should justify paying considerably more than other products which have more memory, but the product itself is great.

PS: You can convert this to a mac ipod if you wish as well. It requires formatting the disk and reloading all your songs, but with firewire, that's not an issue.

Rating: 3 stars
Summary: I Loved it Until it Broke
Review: An elegant machine. Truly a pleasure to use. Then...

Sort of strange, I guess, to praise the hardware, when it broke, but until it broke, about two weeks, it was da bomb. I've had a couple of solid state MP3 players, and this one blew them away in all catagories, but then it just stopped working. I'm hoping Amazon[.com] will replace it quickly. (On the nit-picky side, it is a little too heavy to hook on your shorts for running and working out. An arm-band or specialized belt might be a good idea. For walking or just hanging out, the case that comes with it is fine, and it will work for light workouts, but you have to keep adjusting it.)

The software, Musicmatch Jukebox, while great as a ripper and file converter (I've used it for years for those purposes), is horrible as an interface to synch the Ipod. Other users have recommended other third party software and I will try them as soon as my new Pod gets here. I don't know why it stopped working, but I'm willing to give it another try. I'd guess if I was a Mac user and it hadn't broken, I'd have given it five stars.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Great Product!
Review: I ordered the iPod after reading some reviews and talking with people who owned other mp3 players (Nomad, Rio, Archos). One of the main features that appealed to me right off the bat was the compact size of the unit. Comparable to a deck of playing cards. Had I not read the reviews before I installed the software, I might have had some problems. I had a version of MusicMatch (7.5) already installed on my desktop. The version that comes with the iPod is an older version (7.0). When I installed the software, I selected to overwrite the updated version with the included package and experienced no problems downloading my entire music library in about 5 minutes.(367 song clips)
It is very easy to navigate on the iPod and the sound quality is great! If the bass distorts, you can go into settings and change the music type to accomodate your listening preferences (classical, jazz, rock, etc.) I also read a review where the person said that they tore up the ear piece covers for the ear buds while they attempted to put them on the unit. I had a similar problem with an earpiece that I use for my cellular phone. Replacement ear foam pieces are available at your local Radio Shack store for a buck or two.
Overall, this is a great unit and I am looking forward to using it for my weekend mountain bike rides!

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