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A Chocolate Affair

A Chocolate Affair

List Price: $15.00
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Rating: 4 stars
Summary: GOOD
At first I didn't wanna read the book, because it was kinda slow in the beginning. But once I got into it, I liked it. It kept me interested and I was just itching for the sequel at the end. This is a good read.

Rating: 5 stars
Summary: chocolate is my weakness!!!!
Review: A choclate affair will leave you breathless with all the fine men and beautiful sistas. The story is picked up at a move made by Keisha and Eric to LA to play for the lakers.... well i won't tell too much you'll just have to read it for your slef. but i will say it definently has a spiritual undertone to the whole story. this book is a page turner from begainng to end. I can't wait for the next one to come out!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Creeping, Sleeping , and Secrets
Review: A Chocolate Affair is certainly one I would recommend. Having read Chocolate Star I was quite excited and anxious to see what was going to be up. I enjoyed reading each of the sistah parts as it related to the novel . Keisha, Topaz, Nina, and Jade,eached shared there relationships. I was quite amazed with the creeping, sleeping, secrets. No I am not telling who was creeping , why, and what the secrets were. I kept wondering if the secrets were going to be revealed.
When I got to the end I thought ooh there must me a sequel because there is some unfinished businesses . Yes Keisha and Eric were on the right track with the suspicions. Just when you think you have want you really want will trouble find them?

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Good Read
Review: A Chocolate Affair was a good read. It's the sequel to Chocolate Star. Some of the characters have grown and some are still up to no good, such as Ms. Topaz. The way the story ended it seems like it will be another sequel.

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Entertaining Journey...Sisterhood.
Review: A Chocolate Affair, paperback, 232 pages...eye catching book cover design. I was told that this book was a sequel to Chocolate Star and that it was best to read Chocolate Star first...NOT TRUE. I have not read Chocolate Star and I don't feel that it diminished the effect of a Chocolate Affair at all. Overall I enjoyed the book. There were a few areas that consisted of idle, meaningless conversation which I assumed were fillers for the Author attempting to reach a certain word count. But the four female characters' glamourously dramatic lives kept me turning those pages. It somewhat reminded me of Waiting To Exhale...with ingredients like friendship, strength, support, love, sisterhood and fine men.

The title of the book was a bit deceiving, but ever so appropriate. I won't spoil the reader's journey by revealing any more on the title. The Author has developed some quality characters who definitely come to life on the pages and in the readers' mind. The characters are all rich, exciting and very attractive.

So get this book and meet:
KEISHA- Husband plays for the NBA. Will he cheat on her? She says she is not perfect...just forgiven. She puts the pieces together to a major top secret puzzle which must be leading to the Author's third novel.

TOPAZ- Singer living in L.A. Drinks so much Cristal that she not only should own stock in it, but should put a nipple on the bottle and forget the glass. Had several failed relationships before realizing that the first one should have been the keeper. Will she win him back?

NINA- Aspiring writer. Received engagement ring from man that she doesn't love. Will she marry him anyway? Will she get a book deal? This girl's life is full of suprises.

JADE- Artist and wife of a great NBA player. Gorgeous, but dealing with some serious issues such as low self-esteem. Will she sabotage her perfect life and marriage?

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: What a great sequel!
Review: Because there was a lapse between the releases of Chocolate Star and A Chocolate Affair, I read Chocolate Star once again before reading the sequel. Ms. Copeland did not disappoint me! What a page turner. I read it in two sittings, (neglected a bit of housework) but it was absolutely worth it. I gave it 4 stars because I did not like being left hanging at the end but otherwise it was an excellent read. Keep up the good work, Sheila Copeland!

Rating: 4 stars
Summary: Good Sequel
Review: Can't wait for the next one!!! A well put together sequel once you start reading I'm sure you will remember the characters from Chocolate Star and it will all come together. Good job Ms. Copeland

Rating: 5 stars

Rating: 1 stars
Summary: what a waste
Review: I am a biracial woman, of African-American and Caucasian decent, in my early thirties. I hold a Master's degree and consider myself of above-average intelligence and of good humor. I've been married for six years and I have no children - yet. I read this book without having read Chocolate Star first. In addition, I must admit, after reading Chocolate Affair, I have no desire to read its prequel. This was one of the dumbest books I have ever read. It had no flow, no segue, no plot. The author should try expanding her vocabulary a bit. If I have to read of one more character giggling, "You're so crazy," I am going to puke. Although I appreciate my sistas' beauty in varying degrees, is it really necessary for Ms. Copeland to scrawl on every page, "you are so pretty" or "you are so beautiful"? Okay....we get it...the characters are attractive. Find something else to write about. As the chapters jump mindlessly from one to another, I find myself aching for a real plot. To me, this book read like a grocery list or 'things-to-do list', with the author listing scenery or feelings or actions. Good writing needs to flow, have depth, and encompass interest. I appreciate Ms. Copeland's attempt to incorporate religion and faith into the story, but that incorporation was lost in the drab emptiness that was supposed to be the plot. Moreover, why do all of the characters cry ALL of the time?? They double over in tears from laughing too hard. They burst into a crying fit at the very mention of someone having a bad day. "You're so crazy", said Eric, nearly falling off the couch in tears from laughing so hard...". Gimme a break! The "jokes" were not that funny and the pivotal moments were not that intense - nobody cries at the drop of a hat anymore. I kept waiting for a clever plot twist or some real emotion or action.... Nada. I don't CARE what happens with these characters in the future. If I were a 7th grader of average reading ability, and nothing better to do, I might recommend this book to my friends. The drama, the simplicity... However, as an educated, cosmopolitan Black woman in my 30's (I think the characters were in their 20's and 30's as well) I found this book to be boring, repetitive, and uninteresting. Sorry, guys: find something else to do with your time.

Rating: 5 stars
Review: I Can not believe Sheila Copeland would leave me this way. This book was exciting, emotional, fun, sad, unbelievable. Her writing is very easy reading. This is a must read. Especially if you have already read her first novel, chocolate star. I must find out when she plans on dropping her sequel to chocolate affair because I feel like this can not be the end of the story. What a cliffhanger. Sheila Copeland does it again!

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